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You okapis are rare. Once you find one, you stay on its trail.

Makucha, The Imaginary Okapi

Okapis are mammals that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They primarily live in the Back Lands, though one is a Pride Lander.


In the Real World

Okapis are medium-sized giraffid-like animals. They have long necks and large ears, while their coats are various shades of brown, striped with white on their legs and ankles, with additional white on their face, throat, and chest.

In The Lion Guard

Okapis have been described as strange-looking creatures that resemble giraffes, zebras, and oryxes. Their tongues are blue-black.


In the Real World

Okapis are herbivores that feed off of leaves, buds, grasses, fungi, ferns, and fruits. They are primarily diurnal animals and are related to giraffes.

In The Lion Guard

Okapis are the favorite food of a leopard. They are rare animals who spend much of their lives hiding. There aren't many of them, even in their primary residence outside of the Pride Lands. Okapis are solitary and stay far away from predators as much as possible. Okapis are able to hide very well even from those with keen sight, such as Ono. They lived in Back lands since they not native to the Pride Lands as it definitely evidence by being chased out by Leopard like Makachua.


The Imaginary Okapi

Kion introduces Ajabu to his parents

Beshte befriends an okapi named Ajabu, who is on the run from Makucha the leopard. The Lion Guard ends up driving Makucha away, and Simba and Nala permit Ajabu to remain in the Pride Lands.

Notable Okapis in The Lion Guard

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