Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


The-River-of-Patience (68)
Queen Janna asked for Nirmala's help with Kion and Ono's healing. She was very saddened to see Janna complete her journey in the Circle of Life. When Queen Janna's time had come, she entrusted Nirmala with the healing powers of the Tree of Life, trusting her to use it to help animals in need.
The-Tree-of-Life (562)


Surak and Nirmala seem to work well together on the Night Pride.


Poa-the-destroyer (239)
Rani is Nirmala's close friend and leader. At Rani's coronation Nirmala sings a song for her as she becomes queen of the Tree of Life


Little-Old-Ginterbong (690)
Nirmala does care about Baliyo and did heal him when he was dizzy after Kion roared at him. 


The-River-of-Patience (544)
When Nirmala first meets Kion she along with the rest of the Night Pride thinks that he's a threat. However, Queen Janna says for her to help Kion heal. She does help heal him in any way she can. When Kion becomes king of the Tree of Life Nirmala is at his wedding.

The rest of the Lion Guard

Nirmala becomes good friends with all of the members of the Lion Guard.


Nirmala and Makini have shown to become good friends.


The-River-of-Patience (565)
Nirmala and Ullu are good friends. She reports to the Night Pride when there's danger. 

Sãhasí and Ãnanda

Nirmala are good friends with Rani and Baliyo's parents. 

Varya's Streak

Long-Live-the-Queen (107)
Nirmala is on good terms with Varya's Streak. She helps save them from Makucha's Army.

Sãhasí and Ãnanda

Nirmala are good friends with Rani and Baliyo's parents. 


Nirmala and Binga are on good terms.


Makucha's Army

Nirmala hates Makucha and his army. She and the rest of the Night Pride helps fight them. 
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