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Or we follow the Circle of Life like Jasiri says.

–Mzingo's redemption, albeit forced by Cheezi and Chungu, Battle for the Pride Lands

Mzingo is an adult male vulture who is an Outlander, one of Janja's affiliates, as well as the leader of his own parliament of vultures.

He serves as one of the three tertiary antagonists of The Lion Guard, with Shupavu and Reirei, and the only tertiary antagonist of The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. In Season 3, Mzingo has reformed and is a friend of his prime minister; Jasiri.


Mzingo's feathers are colored a very dark blue, paler on undersides of his wings and tail. His wings are three shades of blue, starting out dark blue, changing to a slightly lighter shade along the center, and finally becoming a pale gray-blue. He has a thick white ruff of feathers around his neck that extends down past his wings. He has black eyes, with purple lower lids and deep pink upper lids. His neck and head are both dull pink, with darker skin around his face. A smooth, triangular blue crest rises from the back of his head, forming a recurved spike. Three smaller spikes of this crest reach down towards his black eyebrows. His long, wide beak is bicolored; it is mostly a dull yellowish gold, but the curved part of his upper beak is red-orange. His legs are the same yellow as much of his beak, ended in sharp black talons.


Mzingo is opportunistic and sneaky.[1] He shares a desire with the hyenas to eat at his leisure, no matter the effect on the Circle of Life, and cares nothing for the other animals of the Pride Lands. He has a dry and sarcastic demeanor, and he speaks with a sense of eloquence.

Despite how devious Mzingo is, he is quite dignified. He is more sophisticated than his hyena allies since his vultures work under the rules of a typical parliament, with almost every decision being presented as a motion to be voted on. However, he is also willing to dismiss parliamentary procedure if there is a good opportunity.[2]

After Scar's defeat, Mzingo and his parliament are shown to be very respectful towards Jasiri's leadership and appear much happier living in the Outlands under her rule. He also shows no ill will towards the Lion Guard despite their previous amnesty towards each other. This is shown especially when he greets Jasiri following her return from the Tree of Life to warn the Lion Guard of Zira's invasion and then happily agrees to help her and the Lion Guard stop them from invading the Pride Lands (after another usual unanimous vote from his parliament). He also worked well together with Ono when fighting Vitani and her Lion Guard and found his keen insight admirable.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Mzingo overhearing some interesting news.

Mzingo overhears Kion talking to Bunga about a new Lion Guard, and since a new Guard would make his own life much harder, he relays the news on to Janja, the leader of the hyenas. Although initially believing that Mzingo was looking for food, Janja becomes concerned when he hears the full story, remembering what the Lion Guard once stood for before Scar took advantage of his powers. He concocts a scheme to take down as many animals as he and the other Outlanders can before the new Lion Guard is formed, starting that very night, and Mzingo joins in the song briefly.

Mzingo is out!

When Kiara and Tiifu arrive at the gazelles' grazing grounds, they soon become suspicious as Mzingo looms overhead. Kiara tells Tiifu to get her father whilst she keeps an eye on Mzingo and the hyenas. It doesn't take long before the Lion Guard arrives on the scene, where Ono notices that Mzingo is telling the hyenas which one to attack next, admitting that it was pretty smart (albeit devious). When the Guard ambush Mzingo and the hyenas, Mzingo is defeated by Ono, who knocks him into a bush.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Mzingo schemes up a devious idea.

Mzingo overhears Simba, Nala and Zazu speak about leaving Kiara as queen as they make their way over to Kilio Valley. He decides to investigate, and later notices the Lion Guard performing a task for her. He's quick to notice that Kion is annoyed at this, and soon returns to the Outlands.

He informs Janja of the new queen and the sibling squabbling between her and her brother. This gives Janja a plan and tells Mzingo to give a message to the new queen.

Mzingo comes in "peace" to the queen.

Mzingo returns to Pride Rock and begins to flatter Kiara. He offers her a peace proposal, direct from Janja, telling her that Janja has always wanted peace, and blaming Kion and the Guard's stubborn personality for not asking sooner. Kiara asks why he couldn't come over himself, though the vulture reminds her that Janja is not welcomed in the Pride Lands and that she must meet him in the Outlands, in neutral territory. Kiara tells him that she'll think about it, and Mzingo leaves, telling her 'that's all we ask'.

Eye of the Beholder

Mzingo speaks to his flock

Mzingo is seen speaking with the other vultures of the Outlands in a parliamentary meeting atop a withered tree. Another vulture, who Mzingo identifies as Mwoga, apologizes for being late as he flies in. Mzingo then confirms with the other vultures whether everyone is okay with allowing him to speak. He asks the reason for his tardiness, and Mwoga explains that Ono has a wounded eye. Mzingo considers a sub-committee to deal with the issue, to which it is agreed. As they speak, Janja listens below them intently.

The Search for Utamu

Mzingo during All Hail the Vultures

Mzingo and his committee are seen perched in a tree. he calls them to order and decides to sing their parliamentary anthem. Once they are finished, a member of Mzingo's committee, Mwoga, spots Fuli lying on the ground, exhausted. Mzingo notes that she must not know her limits. He explains to his committee that Fuli appears to have pushed herself to her limits and drained herself of energy, meaning that she is currently unable to defend herself. He suggests that they form a subcommittee to focus on the situation, but Mzingo decides to not abide by the usual parliamentary procedures and to simply attack Fuli.

Mzingo attacks Fuli

Mzingo and his committee descend around Fuli. She attempts to warn them away, but Mzingo points out that she does not have enough energy to attack them. Though Mwoga is doubtful that Fuli is entirely unable to fight back, Mzingo tells Fuli that she would have pounced if she had any energy, and votes to attack from all sides. His committee agrees, and they converge on Fuli, Mzingo assuring Fuli that it will "all be over soon". However, just as Mzingo begins to attack, Kion intervenes, tackling Mzingo and knocking him away from Fuli. Mzingo orders his committee to reconvene, and they are blasted away by the force of Kion's Roar of the Elders.


"...and dive into business!"

Mzingo, Mwoga, and a third member of the committee are circling in the sky. It is soon revealed what their sight is set on, as they begin to chase Baby Baboon. When the time is right, Mzingo suggests that they forgo debate and dive into business. However, the Lion Guard arrives having noticed them in the near distance and Mzingo crashes into Beshte as the hippo blocks him from taking his meal. He then backs away, ordering the others to yield to the Guard, and flies out of sight.

Fuli's suggestion frightens Mzingo

The trio is later circling once more, with Mzingo certain that he saw the baby baboon somewhere, and votes that they keep looking. The others agree, and they fly over the land until they hear a noise that Mzingo believes sounds like a young baboon. He decides to investigate, and when his companions agree, they descend onto a tree. Mzingo spots some grass shifting, and chuckles, crooning for the baboon to come out. Fuli emerges, to Mzingo's evident disappointment, and he mutters a greeting. Mzingo asks her what became of Baby Baboon, whom he claims they were trying to help. Fuli is skeptical, and Mzingo insists that the baboon was lost and that the vultures were attempting to guide him home. Fuli feels that he's probably already home now, and informs them that she's on a hunt. he curiously asks what she's hunting, only to be told that he's looking plump, Mzingo sputters a response and adjourns the meeting.

"Emergency motion to cease and desist!"

The three vultures eventually locate Baby Baboon at Mapango Cliffs, and Mzingo passes a motion to engage with their lunch, diving at the baboon and ordering the others to attack. Fuli orders them away, but Mzingo declares that it's useless, and she is unable to climb the cliffs faster than they can fly. However, a fruit strikes him in the face, thrown by the baboon troop. Mzingo commands his fellows to get the baby as he takes on Fuli, and dives at the cheetah. She lashes out at him, holding him at bay, but soon slips and falls. As Mzingo prepares to strike, another fruit hits him, then a second, knocking him out of the air. His talons snag on a dead branch, and he frees himself, diving upwards to attack once more. Fuli pounces on him and pins him, demanding that he orders his parliament away. Mzingo complies, denying Mwoga's suggestion to put it to a vote, and flees into the sky.

The Scorpion's Sting

Mzingo listens

Having been recruited by Scar to join his army, Mzingo listens intently as his new leader announces that they will be taking down both Simba and the Lion Guard. When questioned how, Scar introduces them to a friend who will be assisting them - Sumu, a scorpion. When Sumu's orders have been confirmed, he departs. Scar declares that the day will be known as the day he returns and defeats both Simba and the Lion Guard.

Mzingo attacks Ono

Later, Mzingo and his parliament get ready. Scar summons his army, who backs the Guard into a rock overlooking the lava. Ono is sent to scout out a safe exit, but Mzingo and his parliament sweep in to stop Ono from scouting a route out. Although Ono is successfully knocked back to the ground, Kion is still able to use his Roar to escape, prompting an order from Scar to seize Makini's gourd, which contains a cure for Simba.

Attacking the gourd

When Makini stumbles outside, her error gives the vultures time to attack. Mzingo starts to peck at the vine holding the gourd to the Bakora Staff, but Ono dives in to scatter the parliament. Mzingo sends two of his vultures to deal with Ono, while he and Mwoga aim for the gourd. After swooping over her, they manage to knock the staff away from Makini, and the staff falls bottom-first into the lava. Before Mzingo can finish the job, Fuli tackles Mzingo. When the vultures return, Kion uses his Roar once again to send them away, and they hurry back home.

The Kilio Valley Fire

Per Scar's orders, the army attack Kilio Valley and set it on alight, causing Ma Tembo's Herd to abandon the valley under the Lion Guard's orders. Later, when speaking about who was the most successful, Mzingo rem
The-kilio-valley-fire (213).png
inds everyone that it was the vultures who set Kilio Valley ablaze thanks to their genius. Reirei questions that genius when Mwoga lands, his talons still grasping a burning stick. He asks his leader for permission in extinguishing the fire but throws it away before he receives an answer. Shortly after the ember lands, Scar rises from the fire to explain his plan. He orders his army to stay in the valley, claiming that they will take the Pride Lands piece by piece, shocking even Mzingo.

"I'll run this dump"

Later during the day, Janja offers to be the leader of Kilio Valley, since nearly everyone considers it to be a dump. When everyone starts to argue, Mzingo states that proper parliamentary procedures must be followed. When his words fall on deaf ears, he enters the dispute over leadership.

Later, Ono notices that Mzingo, along with everyone else in the valley, is fighting each other.

Undercover Kinyonga

Chasing Ono

Mzingo and Mwoga see Ono gathering information for the rest of the Lion Guard in the Outlands, so the pair give chase to the egret. When they get close, Mzingo and Mwoga attack Ono from above and below, but the keenest of sight evades the attack and escapes to the Outlands. Mzingo warns Ono to stay out of their skies.

Later, when Kinyonga infiltrates the Outlands, Mzingo and Mwoga swoop low to investigate. They notice nothing and return to the skies.

The Underground Adventure

Scar sends Mzingo to drop burning sticks around the area where
The-underground-adventure (155).png
Kion, Bunga, Tiifu, Zuri, and Kiara are relaxing in mud, in hopes of eliminating them.

Fire from the Sky

Scar orders Mzingo's Parliament to drop fire from the sky. When Ono isn't able to fly high

Being caught by Hadithi and Ono

enough and see them they get their friend Anga. Anga tells the guard and they get other Pride Lands birds to help as well. They even get Hadithi to help lead the birds. During the fight, Hadithi falls into a thorn bush. Ono, Anga and the birds of the Pride Lands work together to get the vultures in one spot. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blast them away.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Scar instructs Mzingo and his followers to use fire sticks to set Pride Rock ablaze. Later, the vultures participate in the battle with the Pride Landers, but are defeated. When Scar is defeated Janja

Mzingo and his Parliament will follow the Circle of Life

says that Jasiri should be in charge. Jasiri says that everyone in the Outlanders should respect the Circle of Life.

Return to the Pride Lands

As Jasiri and Janja return to the Outlands with the Lion Guard, Mzingo and his

Mzingo welcomes Jasiri back home

vultures, who are happy to see Jasiri back home, greet them. Jasiri tells them about Zira and asks if they can help assist them. The vultures agree and Kion thanks Mzingo. Soon afterward, Vitani and her Lion Guard come to attack them believing them all to be enemies. Following Ono's plan, Mzingo leads his vultures in an attack against Tazama so Ono and Anga can help Kion without her interference. Then, Kiara and Kovu arrive to stop Kion from attempting to roar at Vitani's Guard. Kiara explains that Vitani and Kovu have now joined their pride. Kion thanks Jasiri and the vultures for their help and they leave.


Calf in Danger

Mzingo and part of his committee notice an animal who has strayed in the Outlands and begin circling around the fatigued calf. Mzingo and his Committee prepare to attack, but Bunga and Fuli frighten him away by using a hollow log which amplifies Bunga's voice, making him sound like a ferocious creature.




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