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Chama cha Mzaha na Furaha!

–Mzaha's catchphrase

Mzaha is a young male sable antelope that lives in the Pride Lands.[1]


Mzaha is a fairly thin, adolescent sable antelope, with light brown fur and a cream underbelly. This cream color extends to his face, with a light brown mark under his eyes and over the top of his head. He has a brown nose and brown eyes. His inner ears are pink, tipped with brown at the top and gray leading in. His right ear has a tiny rip in it. He has a dark brown mane and two stubby horns. His hooves are gray.


Much like his friends Chama and Furaha, he can be noisy and disruptive. He is very boisterous, and this often leads to conflict with others. Mzaha is also fun-loving and carefree. He takes nothing personally, and will always help out a friend in need. He is also immature as shown when he plays "tag" by ramming other members of his herd.


Rafiki's New Neighbors

Chama introduces Mzaha

After being kicked out of his herd, Mzaha, and his two friends, Chama and Furaha decide to move in next to Rafiki's Tree. The three make a ruckus, with Mzaha disturbing the mandrills above by headbutting the tree. When Rafiki comes down, they are introduced to him and tell Rafiki the good news. But Rafiki insists they leave. His apprentice, Makini, noticing how friendly they are, persuades her mentor to let them stay, provided they stay quiet enough for Makini to practice. After revealing to her that she will be painting for the royal family, the group agree to be quiet, but not before Chama belches as they leave. He apologizes, and the trio burst out laughing.

Time to return to the herd

Later, Rafiki returns with the Lion Guard in tow where they see Makini, Chama, and Mzaha cheering Furaha as he beats his bug eating record. Rafiki asks Makini if this is her practising and she swiftly leaves the group. Beshte approaches and greets the three animals, asking why they aren't with their herds. Chama states that they were kicked out, and Mzaha and Furaha both belch that they don't know why. The Guard offered to take them home and Rafiki insists, telling them that it's their part in the Circle of Life, which prompts them to return. But then they realize that it means they won't be together. After Ono lands, the Guard are given an animal to return home. The three friends chant their names together in sorrow before leaving, with Mzaha following Fuli.

Mzaha "plays" with the herd

Fuli takes Mzaha home and speaks with Bupu, who is adamant that he doesn't want him back, and that they sent him away for a good reason. While Fuli continues to reason, they notice Mzaha headbutting a nearby tree. After a while, Bupu calls to Mzaha to tell him that he's back with the herd, and the youngster reacts with joy. Fuli thanks Bupu, before quickly rushing away. After she leaves, Mzaha tries to play tag with a few herd members, including Boboka, by charging into them, but none of them wish to play. Mzaha continues to disrupt his herd by trying to play tag while they're grazing, and Bupu scolds the youngster, prompting him to leave the herd of his own accord.

Three of a Kind

Mzaha meets up with Furaha, and the two speak of how they left. They find Chama feasting on some tree leaves, and discover that he too was unable to fit in. They decide that they need to stick together and utter their chant. After, the Three of a Kind friends starts running across the Pride Lands, playing together and performing pranks on several unsuspecting Pride Landers along the way. They then make the decision to return to Rafiki's Tree.

But when they return, they are dismayed to find that the mandrill does not want them near his tree, and he orders them to leave. Not wishing to be a burden, they leave, with Mzaha saying goodbye to Rafiki and Makini.

Saving Makini

When they discover Rafiki calling for help, they swiftly return to help out. Chama starts by inhaling dirt and sprays it along the path leading to the tree. Mzaha then uses his short horns to create a trench leading there while Furaha keeps digging more for the trench. After calling to them, Rafiki lands on Chama and Makini lands on Mzaha. When they are led out, the mandrills express their gratitude away from the fire, where Chama reveals that he was the one who heard them. Mzaha then leads the animals back to the tree, with the intention of saving it.

Mzaha reveals the location of their new family home

As they are trying to put out the fire, the Lion Guard arrive to help, with Beshte assisting Mzaha in creating a trench. With the fire extinguished, Rafiki offers his three saviors the opportunity to live next to his tree, if they can be a bit quieter. But the animals kindly decline, since they have found a tree near Big Springs where they can be as loud as they want. Mzaha comments that's perfect for their family, and Chama goes on to say that perhaps they already have a family, hence their inability to settle in their old groups. They perform their chant and Rafiki insists that they at least be his guest at the ceremony, and they accept.

At the ceremony, the three friends have a first row view of Makini's painting. They are awed by her work. 


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