Musk Deer are deer that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Tree of Life.


Siberian Musk Deer although a dark brown is most common.  The head is generally lighter.  A pair of whitish stripes extends from the chin down the chest to the belly, while a scattering of lighter spots may be present on the back and sides.  Young are born intensely spotted on their upper body, with adult colouration reached gradually by 1.5 years of age.  The hind legs are much longer and more powerful than the front legs, which causes the back to slope, and is an adaptation to saltatorial (jumping) locomotion.  The hindquarters, which are highly arched, may be 5-10 cm / 2-4 inches higher than the shoulders.  This feature is further emphasized by the small chest and thin neck which is carried low.  The head is elongated and small relative to the body.  The features of the face, however, are oversized.  The eyes are large and the ears are long and rounded, with have a wide range of mobility.  Antlers are not present in this species, however, the sharp upper canines of adult males grow very long (up to 10 cm / 4 inches) and project well below the chin in older individuals (the canines of females are not visible).  The tail is very small and is often hidden in the fur on the rump.  The lateral hooves (dewclaws) are well developed in this species, and are usually seen in the footprints of standing animals.


Differ sharply from other deer. Long well-muscled hind legs; shorter, weaker, thin forelimbs; chest usually small; back highly arched back, so that the animal is much higher at the sacrum than at the shoulders. This body structure correlates with the animal's usual pattern of movement, a series of well coordinated jumps generated from the hind legs. Males weigh slightly less than females. Neither sex has antlers. The male has fine and extremely sharp canines protruding directly downward from the mouth. In older males, canine tips extend considerably below the lower jaw.

Age-related changes in hair coat and colorings: new-borns have short, dark brown, soft hair, densely covered with yellowish or white spots. By the second winter, young molt into their winter coat, which consists of coarse hair typical of an adult. The spots become less defined or absent.

Notable Musk Deer in The Lion Guard

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