Muhangus' Armory is a group of aardvarks that live in the Pride Lands


The Fall of Mizimu Grove

Muhangus’s Armory attends Makini‘s Mpando Mpaya at Mizimu Grove. When the Army of Scar attacks, Muhangus’s Armory joins forces with the other Pride Landers to help defeat the army, with Simba defending a member from Cheezi and Chungu.

They are startled when Scar appears, and reveals his plan to the Pride Landers. After Scar’s spirit disappears, the armory joins the other herds in fleeing the grove. When the Lion Guard stops them, Muhangus questions on the possibility of Scar returning. Simba explains the situation to the Pride Landers.

The next morning, Kion takes the Pride Landers to Mizimu Grove, and shows them Makini’s sapling, which had survived the attack on Mizimu Grove. He tells the Pride Landers that the Lion Guard would be there to protect them from Scar’s attacks. Muhangus’s Armory agrees to remain in the Pride Lands.

Named Members


The-underground-adventure (117)

Muhangus is the leader of the armory. He is a grouchy aardvark who prefers to be left with his armory or alone. He can be short tempered and prone to shouting, but this has only been seen towards other animals.


Bunga-the-wise-hd (205)

Muhanga is the mate of Muhangus and co-leader of armory.

Unnamed Members

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