Maybe you should try the warm mud pots at the edge of the Pride Lands. Us hippos love 'em when the weather's too dry.

Beshte, The Underground Adventure

The Mud Pots are a location in the Pride Lands.


The Mud Pots are located at the edge of the Pride Lands, near the Outlands. They appear to form a large lake of mud.


The Underground Adventure

Nala tasks Kion and Bunga with taking Tiifu, Zuri, and Kiara to the mud pots w
The-underground-adventure (129)

Enjoying the spa

hen Tiifu and Zuri complain about the effects of the Dry Season. However, the area surrounding the mud pots is set on fire by vultures, and the group is forced to use Muhangus’s burrow to retreat underground.


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