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Mpishi was at first cautious of Mwoga, who silently followed her without a word. After learning that the vulture was merely hoping to score a meal, she relaxed.

The two appear to get along very well, and have been shown capable of accepting each other's opinions on food, agreeing to disagree on what is a real meal. They are also happy to team up, and work well with coordinating their movements and improvising when necessary.



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Ono never liked Mpishi as when he first met her, as she invaded the Pride Lands and attempted to eat a hyrax there. She later kidnaps Ona, but this time, with the help of Mwoga. They nearly succeed in eating her until he and Kulinda work together to defeat her, upon which he demands Mpishi to leave. Mpishi has not tried to steal another animal from the Pride Lands ever since as she believes no food is "worth the aggrevation", and hasn't dealt with the egret since and looks like she won't any time soon.


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Mpishi once tried to eat Ona.

Despite this, Ona was unaware of her cruel intentions, and saw much of the sky high frolics as an adventure.


Kulinda dislikes Mpishi for trying to kidnap and have Kulinda's chick Ona for her next meal. But thanks to Ono's help she was able to drive her off saving Kulinda's chick.


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When Mpishi comes into the Pridelands looking for a good meal she spots him and his group. She came to eat him but the Lion Guard saved him.

The rest of The Lion Guard

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Mpishi tries to get a delicious meal in the Pride lands. She first goes after Pim but the guard comes and stops her. She soon sees Hares almost being trapped in a mudslide. Mpishi tries to get one thinking no one will see it missing until the guard shows up again. Later she goes after Kulinda's baby Ona but the guard stops her a third time. 


Mpishi tries to eat Masikio. However they hide from her and almost get stuck in a mud slide.
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