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Carrion? Leftovers? You call that a meal?

–Mpishi, Ono and the Egg

Mpishi is a female harrier hawk that appears in The Lion Guard. [1] She makes her only appearance in Ono and the Egg.


Mpishi is a well built bird with grey feathers, with some white and a few black feathers on her underbelly as stripes. Her wings are also black towards the tip. Her beak is white, tipped with black. Orange surrounds the bottom part of her brown eyes. She has bright ginger feet, and black talons.


Fine. I'll go home. After I sample at least one tasty Pride Lands treat!

–Mpishi, Ono and the Egg

Mpishi has been described as a foodie. Sneaky, clever, and persistent, Mpishi will go to great lengths to try new foods that her own homeland is lacking. She is capable of working with others and very swift in her attacks, but her biggest flaw is her attention, which can easily be swayed. She has a great disdain for carrion, preferring her food to be fresh.


Ono and the Egg

Mpishi grabs a hyrax

After Mpishi tried all the food in her territory, she went to the Pride Lands to try new foods. She starts chasing a group of  hyrax and catches Pim. Ono chases her and tells her to drop him, but she misunderstands and says she doesn't want to share it. Ono pulls out one of her tail feathers to distract her, causing Mpishi to crash into a cliff. Kion then asks her why she's in the Pride Lands and she says she came to try new foods. Kion tells Mpishi they respect the Circle of Life and tells her to go home, hoping she'll understand. Mpishi initially starts to fly home, but decides to try one Pride Land treat before she leaves.

Mpishi gets an idea

She is next seen still hunting during a storm. She notices a herd of hares running about and goes after them, believing that no one will notice an absent hare during a mudslide. Although most of the hares retreat into the Aardvark Dens, one hare makes his way to a cliffside, where he meets up with the Lion Guard. Mpishi senses an opportunity, as the Guard is preoccupied with the hares, and flies away elsewhere.

Discussing a real meal

Later, Mpishi notices a vulture flying behind her, and confronts him. Mwoga confesses that he was indeed following her, with the intention of picking over any leftovers she might leave. Mpishi doesn't seem to mind this, and the pair fly together. After introducing himself, Mwoga questions her about her presence in the Pride Lands. When she explains what she's after, and how the Lion Guard have been preventing her from eating, Mwoga informs her that she won't get anywhere with them on her tail. Mpishi suggests that they work together for a fresh meal, but she is disgusted when Mwoga tells her that he only eats leftovers. The pair then sing A Real Meal about their personal favorite meals. Mpishi then offers Mwoga a deal - if he helps her get a meal, he can have all the leftovers. Although hesitant at first, Mwoga agrees.

Upon seeing Kulinda's baby trapped on a log on a waterfall, she immediately snatches her away with her talons.

The big chase

The Lion Guard then pursue her from below, with Ono and Kulinda pursuing her from above. Refusing to give up, Mpishi suddenly turns and swoops between the egret and hamerkop, continuing her flight. Ono demands that she let go of the hamerkop and she submits, throwing her behind Ono and Kulinda. Mwoga appears and grabs the hatchling in his beak, and the chase continues.

Below, the Lion Guard feel helpless, until Bunga has an idea. He quickly climbs a tree and, when Mwoga is close enough, leaps onto his back, weighing him down. When Mpishi passes, he throws the hatchling to her, and she flies away.


Mpishi speaks to the hatchling, telling her how much she's looking forward to eating her. A scream from behind causes Mpishi to turn around. While her neck is twisted to see Kulinda, Ono dives at her from the front, knocking the baby out of her claws and sending her tumbling to the ground. Ono then flies down to Mpishi and orders her to leave the Pride Lands. Not wishing to struggle anymore, Mpishi decides that no food is worth that aggravation, and then leaves the Pride Lands.




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