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Makes the mountain goats afraid to leap.

Pinguino, Poa the Destroyer

Mountain Goats are mammals that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live at the Tree of Life.


Arabian Tahrs are the smallest tahr species. Both sexes possess horns pointing backwards, although the horns of males are larger and more dense than those of females. The hair is long and reddish with a dark brown stripe running down the back from the head to the tail. Males grow noticeable manes every year along their backs and have impressive, long hair on their chins and chests and extending to their front legs, that can grow quite long. Their hooves are supple and provide traction in their mountainous terrain. Males weigh approximately 40 kg and females weigh 17 to 20 kg. They are 59.7 to 63.5 cm height at the shoulder, compared to Himalayan tahrs and Nilgiri tahrs.


The Arabian Tahr, a goat-like mammal, endemic to the UAE. It is the smallest in the Tahr family, but its strength and agility should not be misjudged.

They live in the Hajar Mountains and Jabal Hafeet in Al Ain. These species can be found at high elevations (1,000 to 1,800 meters) on steep slopes where rainfall is relatively high and vegetation is fairly diverse. Because the Tahr has a limited geographic range due to water requirements this makes them more susceptible to extinction.

They are relatives of Domestic Goats.


The Harmattan

Mountain Goats appear during the song "The Tree of Life".

Little Old Ginterbong

They appear briefly in Bunga and Binga's Song.

Poa the Destroyer

[[Beshte] ]accidently made rocks fall on Cek and Rama. Meanwhile Pinguino warns them about "Poa the Destroyer" a nick name for Beshte. They soon warn Baliyo about "Poa." After "Poa" saves Pinguino's life he tells everyone how amazing "Poa" is. Pinguino even calls Beshte "Poa the Life Saver."

Long Live the Queen

Cek and Rama's Flock shows up at Rani's coronation along with the rest of the animals.

Triumph of the Roar

Mama Binturong and her army have taken over the Tree of Life. Makucha and his army chased Cek and his flock who tried to eat him.

Return to the Pride Lands

Cek and Rama's Flock shows up at Queen Rani and King Kion's wedding

Notable Mountain Goats in The Lion Guard

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