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That sounds good. What you in the mood for? Hyrax? Lizard? Mole-rat?

Nduli, The Zebra Mastermind

Mole-rats are rodents that have been mentioned in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Outlands.


Naked mole-rats are small, nearly hairless rodents with small eyes and large, protruding teeth. Due to their lack of hair, their colors are either wrinkled pink or yellowish.


Mole-rats are perfectly adapted to live underground, particularly where the climate is dry and arid. They almost solely rely on their teeth to dig tunnels and burrows. Mole-rats live in colonies lead by a queen that is much larger than all the other individuals and is the only female who can reproduce.


The Zebra Mastermind

When Nduli asks Tamka about what they should eat in the Outlands, the former suggests mole-rats, lizards, and hyraxes before coming across Thurston.


  • Pink, wrinkled skin is almost entirely hairless.
  • Spends its whole life below the scorching East African savannah in underground tunnels.
  • Lives in colonies ruled by a single female - a similar social structure to that of ants and bees.
  • Born to burrow, moles rarely surface.
  • The Bathyergidae family has nine species in five genera; all are native to Africa south of the Sahara. About 30,000,000 years ago they ranged as Mongolia. Mole rats are related to the cane rat, which has a similar range but lives above ground.
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