Rafiki: The Tree of Life is very far away, and not easy to find. But there are landmarks to help guide your way.

Ono: Hmmm, yes. I see.

Rafiki: Yes, yes! Just follow the paintings on the moja kwa moja stones.

Rafiki and Ono, Battle for the Pride Lands

The Moja Kwa Moja Stones are a special set of stones that lead to the Tree of Life.

In Season 3 of The Lion Guard, the Guard treks across the world to locate the Tree of Life, using the Moja Kwa Moja Stones as landmarks to guide them.


Each of the moja kwa moja stones can be activated by a royal mjuzi's bakora staff to confirm their authenticity. In The Lair of the Lion Guard, each of the locations of the stones can be found in paintings in the order that will lead the follower to the Tree of Life.


The Harmattan

One of a waterfall and one of an tree in a windstorm is shown.

The Harmattan (8)
The Harmattan (395)

Ghost of the Mountain

Makini finds one in a clearing in the Bamboo Forest. The image is of a cluster of bamboo.

Moja kwa Moja of Bamboo Forest

Marsh of Mystery

One is in said to be in marsh.

Dragon Island

One moja kwa moja stone is found on said island. The stone has a painting of two stones.

Dragon-island (925)

Journey of Memories

Three moja kwa moja stones are found in this episode. One is of a river, one is of a Rocky pool, and the last is of stars.

Journey-of-Memories (1)
Journey-of-Memories (341)
Journey-of-Memories (1329)

The Tree of Life

One of a large lake by a mountain is shown, but not activated.

The-Tree-of-Life (95)

Journey to the Pride Lands

Ono remembers the way back to the Pride Lands and follow way back where it start at Giant Lake.


  • "Moja kwa Moja" means "One by One" in Swahili.
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