Friends, Allies & Acquaintances

Ogopa and Haya

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Ogopa, Haya and Mjomba are friends. When Mjomba and his pack was being chased by the Lion Guard Ogopa thought he was brave that he distracted the guard from chasing the others. Ogopa thought because of Mjomba's bravery that they were safe. Haya wasn't sure that he trusted Mjomba when he said that the Lion Guard are the good guys.

The Lion Guard

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At first Mjomba was scared of Kion and his Lion Guard. Kion thought that the ardwolves were Hyenas and he used the Roar of the Elders to blast them into the Outlands. However after the Pridelands were being covered by termite Simba said to go after the ardwovles and ask them to come back. The Lion Guard saves them from the jackals. 


Reirei And Goigoi

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Mjomba walks in a cave where the other aardwolves are and sees Reirei and Goigoi. He didn't know that they wanted to eat him until the jackals locked him and the others in. The guard saves them and they run away.
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