Mjomba: They thought we were hyenas!

Haya: Hyenas? That's ridic...Okay, now I see it.

Haya and Mjomba, Too Many Termites

Mjomba's Pack is a pack of aardwolves that lives in the Pride Lands.


Too Many Termites

Mjomba's Pack is blasted out of the Pride Lands when Kion roars at them, thinking that they are hyenas. They hide behind a rock in the Outlands until Ogopa spots the Lion Guard. They watch them, and Mjomba thinks he spots a bug, which he follows. The rest of the pack flees the Guard, leaving Mjomba behind. Bunga catches Mjomba, running in the opposite direction as the rest of his pack. Eventually, he agrees to help them and lead them to the pack.


The jackals trick the aardwolves

The other aardwolves take shelter in a den. Soon, they are welcomed by Reirei and Goigoi the jackals, who sing the song We'll Make You a Meal with them to win their trust. Later on, Mjomba enters the den and tries to explain that what Kion did was a mistake. However, it turns out that the jackals want to eat them, and they begin chasing the aardwolves around the den after Goigoi pushes a rock over the entrance.

The Lion Guard pushes aside the rock and defeats the jackals. They then lead the aardwolves back to the Pride Lands, where they send Bunga a thank-you package of termites.

Named Members


Too-many-termites (278)

Main article: Mjomba

Mjomba is a grumpy and impatient aardwolf.  Like the rest of the pack, he adores termites. He is grateful to those who help him, and the rest of the pack holds him in relatively high regard. He is presumably the leader of the pack.


Too-many-termites (303)

Main article: Haya

Haya is a nervous and shy aardwolf. Like the rest of the pack, he adores termites. He is logical and observant but is fooled somewhat easily.


Too-many-termites (349)

Main article: Ogopa

Ogopa is a bright and cheerful aardwolf. Like the rest of the pack, she adores termites. She is easily frightened and has a tendency to jump to conclusions. She also tends to add afterthoughts after she states her opinion on a subject.

Unnamed Members

The following are known members of Mjomba's Pack who have not received official names.

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