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Makini: A mouse?

Bunga: Why'd you call me dear?

–Bunga, Makini to Tompok, Mama Binturong

Mice are rodents that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands, the Forest and the Outlands.


Four-striped grass mice got their name from the four dark stripes on their back, separated by three lighter, sometimes white stripes. The rest of their coarse fur can be various shades of gray and brown, with a much paler underside. The muzzle and the backs of the ears are shades of russet, yellowish-brown, and orange. The tops of their feet are usually lighter than the rest of the body. They have scaly tails that very in length and are covered with small hairs.


Four-striped grass mice can be found from Kenya to Uganda. They are active in daylight, for at night it may be too cold for them to maintain their body temperature. They are common in grasslands bordering agricultural areas, and can cause damage to crops. They are poor climbers, so plants such as maize are safe from them, but wheat and barley are susceptible. The rest of their diet consists of berries, roots, seeds, insects, worms, snails, eggs, and very young birds. The consumption of seeds is higher in the summer months. A group of four-striped grass mice(called a horde, harvest, colony, or nest) typically consists of one breeding male and up to four breeding females. The groups live in territories. Mice in the same group are amicable with each other, but if a mouse encounters one of another group encroaching on their territory, they will chase them off, males being especially aggressive towards other males. The females give birth to litters of 5 to 6 pinkies. At birth, the stripes are visible are deeply pigmented lines on the skin. Both the males and the females show parental care towards the young.


The Call of the Drongo

Tamaa the drongo attempts to convince a Female Mouse to share her grubs with him. She refuses, telling him that he will have to get his own, which angers him. Shortly after, he conceals himself in a bush and mimics Janja to scare her away. She flees in fright.

Tamaa begs a mouse to share

The Traveling Baboon Show

A mouse and pair of Rainbow Agamas witness Uroho's act in the Outlands, but none are entertained. They then run away when Cheezi and Chungu arrive at the scene.

Mama Binturong

Makini mentions Mice since Tompok told the Lion Guard for missing staff to talk the Mouse Deer.

A tough crowd

Notable Mice in The Lion Guard

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