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    Hello, I am a fellow Lion Guard fan who has enjoyed the series. I would like to share an issue I have with season 3 which I’d like to know other people’s opinion on. I have watched every episode of season 3 and have enjoyed them.

    As we are all aware the Lion Guard are meant to be teenagers for the majority of the season. This I have no issue with as it’s very rare that Disney pay attention to the characters teenage years in terms of ageing, they normally go from kid to adult with nothing in the middle.

    My guess for the Lion Guard’s ages is in season 1-2 age 10, and 3 age 13 or 14. Kiara my guess would be age 12 in season 1-2. This will be relevant later.

    The first issue I have is in the first episode of season 3, Battle of the Pride Lands, when the episode does it’s big reveal as teenagers only Kion and Beshte seem to have aged. The other Lion Guard members look and sound the exactly same. The same goes with characters Jasiri and Makini who are meant to be the same age as the Lion Guard. When we see Kiara after this she is the same age as before. She’s still a cub whilst her younger brother is now in his teens. She’s not grown any taller or matured in any way, she should be about 15 or 16 in lion years, but still looks and sounds the same as her 12-year-old self with no difference even in height.

    Another problem I’ve had with this was in the flashback scene in Lake or Reflection. It shows the Lion Guard as children aged 3-4 years old, including Anga at that age who has always been older than the Lion Guard throughout the series, she’s always been an adult from the get go. She should’ve been around the age the Lion Guard was in season 1-2 for that flash back.

    Also Janja and his clan are shown as 3-4 year olds in this flashback. Even though like Anga they’ve been adults from the get go, they should’ve either been the same age as Lion Guard in season 1-2 or teenagers in this flash back. Remember the first episode of Lion Guard, Return of the Roar, when Janja criticised Cheezi and Chungu for being scared off by Kion’s roar. “You were scared of a roar of a lion cub”. If they were the same age as Kion and co. why would Janja say that? Also why would Cheezi call him “cub” on more than one occasion if they were the same age?

    The problem also occurs with the Night Pride and Scar. Scar tells the story of how he got his Scar, saying he wasn’t much older than Kion when it happened, but the flashback shows him as a young adult around his 20s. Kion is 13-14 at this point. He was much older than Kion when he got his Scar. If he wasn’t much older than Kion, why was he not shown as a teenager himself?

    In the night pride there are two young lions. Baliyo and Rani. It states that Baliyo is Rani’s younger brother, however he is much more developed than Rani, implying he’s older. Rani appears to be the same age as Kion or Kiara in season 1-2 (10-12), and Baliyo appears to be Kion’s age in season 3 (13-14 years old). So shouldn’t it be Rani who is younger?

    I wanted to share this because it’s really bugged me when watching season 3 and I want to know other peoples opinion on this. I don’t mind ageing characters or showing flashbacks, actually I enjoy it, but Disney should at least get it correct.

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