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And now that he has completed his journey though the Circle of Life, I will remember him fondly.
This page contains information on a scrapped concept.

See also: Scrapped Merchandise

The following is a list of prototype merchandise released for The Lion Guard.

This list is for merchandise that was eventually released, and does not include merchandise that was scrapped entirely.

Pride Land Brawlers

The earliest images used as stock photos contained prototypes of each figure. The eyes of the earliest prototypes were noticeably smaller. Also the colors of the figures were brighter and the mark of the guard on all members was to be painted in their original colors not with invisible colors as seen in the final version that got released. though the diffrences re mall they are there

Prototype Final
Kion-brawl.png Kion-brawler-boxed.png
Bunga-brawl.png Bunga-brawler-Boxed.png
Beshte-brawl.png Beshte-boxed-brawler.png
Kion-brawler.png Kion-brawler-large.png
Prototype-beshte-brawler.png Beshte-brawler-out.png
Bunga-brawler-proto.png Bunga-brawler-front.png

Pride Land Brawlers (action figures)

The two figures that were released at a later date (Janja and Fuli) both had 3D printed models shown at Toy Fair New York. Fuli had been listed on the german amazonsite, but even though she could be purchased unfortunately was scrapped very late, thus not making her purchasable.

My Busy Books

The figures used to advertising the book are much higher quality prototypes.

Blind Bag Figures

Many of the stock art images shown on the boxes are prototypes. In addition to this, some prototypes were shown at Toy Fair 2017. Kiara's colors changed in the final version of her. The roaring Kion was supposed to have open eyes, but the final one has them closed.

Prototype Final
Kiara-bb.png Kiarabb.png
Rafikibb.png Rafiki-bb2.png
Kion-eyesopen.png Roaring-kion-s3.png
Nala-proto-bb.png Nalabb.png

Villain Figures

Some stock art photos show much older prototypes of the villain figures from Just Play. Janja had colors that were closer to a lion king hyena look. Ushari got a darker skincolor. Reirei got a darker furcolor as well.

Prototype Final
Makuu-proto.png Makuu-figure.png
Makuu-proto2.png Makuu-figure.png
Mzingo-prototype.png Mzingo-figure.png
Reirei-prototype.png Reirei-battle.png
Ushari-new-figure.png Ushari-figure-dx.png
Janja-prototype.png Janja-finalfigure.png
Janjafigure.png Janja-finalfigure.png

Single Figures

Some websites listed prototype images of the single figures before the finalized versions were available. Kion had incorrect coloring around his eyes and stomach fur. Bunga is missing his three cheek spots in the final version. Beshte and Bunga's prototypes both lacked the mark of the guard.

Prototype Final
Proto-kion.png Kion-single.png
Bunga-proto.png Bunga-single.png
Proto-beshte.png Beshte-single.png
Prototype-beshte.png Beshte-single.png

Poseable Figures

An early look at the Jasiri figure found at the Toy Fair 2017 suggests that the second figure in the Poseable Figures would be poseable, too. The colors were also more faithful to the hyenas from The Lion King.

Prototype Final
Pose-jasiri.png Jasiri-articulated.png


Pride Rock and Outlands

This was originally just a Pride Rock playset. The original prototype was larger in size and also ressembled more the season 3 location Cikha Escarpement than Pride Rock, therefore naming it incorrectly.

Prototype Final
Early-priderock.png Priderock-outlands-out.png

Rise of Scar

Protoypes for the were found on Amazon as stock art, showing a very early model.

A later model was found at Toy Fair 2017, which lacked the electronics.

A more recent stock art shows another prototype, which appears to be the final model, only much more polished.

Prototype Final
Prototype-riseofscar.png Scar-set-final-release.png
Proto-riseofscar.png Scar-set-final-release.png
Scar-playset.png Scar-set-final-release.png
Rise-of-scar-playset.png Scar-set-final-release.png

Other Prototypes

Bedtime Bunga plush

Prototype Final
Bunga-bedtime.png Bunga-pillow-2.png

3D Snakes & Ladders

Prototype Final
Oldsnakes.png 3dsnakes-and-ladders.png

The Lion Guard Audio Series #7

Prototype Final
Earlycover.png Folge-7.png

The early cover was different from the final one.


Bunga the Wise

Prototype Final
Bungas-big-adventure.jpg Bunga-the-wise.png
Bungathewisec.jpg Bunga-the-wise.png

The early cover was different from the final one.

Roaring Rhythms

Prototype Final
Lionguard-playasong.jpg Roaring-rythms.png
Play-a-song.png Roaring-rythms.png

The book cover was changed up two times before it got its final version.

Fuli Finds Her Place

Prototype Final
Fuli-finds-her-place.png Fuli-finds-her-place-final.png

The final and prototype cover are the same.

Join the Lion Guard!

Prototype Final
Join-the-lion-guard.jpg Join-the-lion-guard.png

The early cover was orange, but the final version is green.

Kion's Animal Alphabet

Prototype Final
Kions-animal-alphabet.jpg Kionsani-alp.png

The final version differs very much from the prototype one. Instead of being set in the jungle the final version of the cover is a picture of the Pride Lands. All members have the old design of the mark of the guard on their shoulders. In the early design Fuli had blue eyes.

The Magical Story

Prototype Final
Magicalstoryalternate.png Magical-story.png

The early cover lacked Ono and Fuli, which both were added into the final version.

Meet the New Guard

Prototype Final
Meet-the-new-guard.jpg Meet-the-new-guard.png

The prototype had concept art design of the characters. Seen because of the blue eye color for Fuli, Kion looking more like Mufasa and Beshte having a notch in his ears.

Return of the Roar

Prototype Final
Pride-of-the-pridelands.jpg Tlg-final.png
Kion-potp.jpg Tlg-final.png

The cover changed two times before it got its final version. In the first cover Fuli was seen close by Kion and having blue eyes. Kion had his old mark of the guard in the form of a lion paw on his shoulder.

Unlikely Friends

Prototype Final
A-new-friend.png Unlikely-friends-c.png
Not-so-different-early.jpg Unlikely-friends-c.png
Unlikely-Friends-Temp.png Unlikely-friends-c.png

The cover changed three times before it got its final version. In the first version Chungu was depicted on the cover, this is however incorrect, because it stars Jasiri, a friendly hyena, who becomes friends with Kion.