Kion: Those thorn bushes are so dried out they'll catch on fire right away.

Fuli: And all the sharp thorns? Once the fire's started, we'll never be able to put it out!

Kion and Fuli, Fire from the Sky

Maumuivu Thorn Patch  is a location in the Pride Lands. It is first seen in the episode The Trail to Udugu, but didn't get it's name until the episode Fire from the Sky.


Maumivu Thorn Patch is a grassy area filled with an abundance of dark brown thorns all over. The Dry Season reveals several large rocks also reside.


The Trail to Udugu

The-trail-to-udugu (310)

Two cubs lost in the thorns

Nala takes Kion and Kiara on the trail to Udugu. The two cubs try to get through the thorn bush. Kion goes under it and Kiara goes over. 

Ono and the Egg

Ono falls onto the thron bush when he's watching Ona.

Fire from the Sky

While fighting Mzingo's Parliament the Lion Guard catches the fire sticks from falling on the thorn bush in Maumivu.

However, Hadithi falls into the thorn bush after saving Ono and Anga. Despite this setback, Ono, Anga and the
Firefromthesky (518)

Kion about to use the Roar

other birds of the Pride Lands finish their mission. They gather the vultures in one spot while Kion uses the Roar of the Elders on them. Kion thanks the birds of the Pride Lands for their help as Hadithi sets himself free.

Friends to the End

During the Friends to the End (song)" a flashback
Friends-to-the-End (1000)

Kion pulls a thorn out of Makini's foot

can be seen of Kion pulling a thron out of Makini's foot.

Return to the Pride Lands

During the contest between Vitani's Lion Guard, Bunga comes up with an challenge for the bravest. He and Shabaha will run through Maumivu Thorn Patch, cross Urembo River with Makuu's Float, and then climb up Mekundu Cliffs.


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