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It's too scary out there! Can't you just let us hide?

Masikio , Ono and the Egg

Masikio's Drove is a drove of hares that live in the Pride Lands.


Ono and the Egg

The drove is grazing when a hawk named Mpishi frightens them. They scatter into empty aardvark dens, despite the mudslide that is approaching them. The Lion Guard arrive and are able to get most of them to safety when Masikio notices that his sister is

Seeing Mpishi


Kion dives into the mud and saves the hare, returning her to her brother.

Beshte and the Beast

After a gorilla named Shujaa accidentally causes damage to the Pride Lands w

Bunga helps Masikio's Dove

hile trying to help the Lion Guard fend off the Army of Scar, Masikio's drove becomes trapped in mud. Bunga is quick to pull them out from the ground.

The Queen's Visit

Masikio's group watches as Dhahabu and her herd go up to Pride Rock. They also sing and dance along to "Prance With Me."

Named Members


Main article: Masikio

Masikio is a member of the drove, and presumably the leader.

Unnamed Members

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