• This episode reveals that Ono is still afraid of bats. This fear was first revealed in the episode Too Many Termites. Due to the he says his old catchphrase "Hapana!". It's only said once.
  • This is the second time someone in the Guard uses echo-location, the first being Kion in the episode Cave of Secrets.
  • This is the final known episode to be written by Ford Riley as according to a recent post, he no longer works for the The Walt Disney Company.
  • When Ono says "Bats, why did it have to be bats?", his phrase is based off of Indiana Jones’s sentence "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?".
  • Bunga says "Hey pick on someone you're own size" just like Simba did in the Lion King.
  • This episode had an average of 408,000 viewers.[1]

Appearances Trivia

  • Pãgala and Krud'dha make their first and only appearances in this episode.


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