You did it! Thank you!

–Male Serval to Fuli, The Search for Utamu

Male Serval is an adult male serval who lives in the Pride Lands.


Male Serval has large ears and a round belly. His fur is primarily orange, longer and paler on either side of his face. White fur frames his eyes, bands his tail, stripes across his ears, and colors his underbelly and paws. His eyes are large and olive green, and his nose is dark red-brown, with three whiskers sprouting from either side of it. Male Serval's inner ears are pink, with tufts of fur visible within them. His pelt is spotted and striped with black markings, including three stripes atop his head and a few running down his back. 


Though little of Male Serval's personality is revealed, it is implied that he is reckless, as he attempts to jump a distance that is too far for him to manage. He does not hesitate to admit when he's afraid and has difficulty controlling himself when he is. However, he is very polite and friendly, though he dislikes his slumber being disturbed.


The Search for Utamu

The-search-for-utamu (128)

Male Serval grips the edge of the ravine

As Bunga explains to the guard what Utamu grubs are, Male Serval suddenlly interupts him by crying out for help. Kion sends Ono to spot details. When he returns, he gives the report that a serval is hanging to the edge of big revine after attempting to jump across it. Before Kion can give any further orders, though, Fuli speeds to Male Servals rescue unexpectedly. Running her fastest, she leaps across the ravine, landing against the side, a few feet beneath him. After almost being kicked off by the panicking Serval, she manages to get her head under his rump before sending him flying over the edge. Landing rather unpleasantly, Male Serval leaps to his paws and runs back to where Fuli claws her way half up the ridge. He thanks her very happily than runs out of screen view. Afterwards, the guard arrives on the scence as Fuli gets to the top. Overall, Male Servals running time in "The Search For Utamu" was roughly one minute and five seconds.

The Call of the Drongo

As Tamaa sings "Bird of a Thousand Voices," he squawks loudly behind a sleeping Male Serval, who raises his head and glares at the bird in annoyance. In this episode, Male Serval's small scene only lasts about 2.92 seconds and he appears without any quotes. Male Serval also has another scene in the episode, "Babysitter Bunga". He is seen to the left of Muhimu, lowering his head towards the watering hole. While in the next scene, Female serval can be seen walking in from the same spot, it is clear that in the prevouse scene (due to posture and body structure) it was Male Serval standing near the edge of the pond. In this episode Male Servals total running time is 18 seconds. Although, To the right of young rhino's mother, Male Serval (from "Beshte and the Beast") stands next to Female Serval. The only serval missing from the scene would be Young Serval. In total there are four servals, not to be confused with each other. Male Serval, the first serval introduced to the series is one. Female Serval is two. Young Serval, Female Serval's son, is three. And Male Serval, from "Beshte and the Beast" is four.

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