You're wasting your time! I'm so fast that I'm gonna find that baby in no time. Everyone will see that I'm better than the Lion Guard!

–Male Cheetah, Team Play

Male Cheetah is a cheetah in The Lion Guard comic, Team Play.


Male Cheetah is a well built big cat, with yellow fur and dark brown spots all over his body. His long yellow tail is tipped with dark brown at the end. His paws, underbelly, muzzle and fur encircling his eyes are creamy yellow. His ears and the top of his nose are light brown, and the bottom of his nose is dark brown. His eyes are a very dark brown.


Boastful and vain, Male Cheetah's desperation for fame causes him to rush into things without thinking of all the consequences. His arrogance can also lead him to danger. When outnumbered, Male Cheetah is quick to show fear, and is unable to think of a way out.

Despite this, he is also capable of learning from others, and can accept when he is in the wrong.


Team Play

Male Cheetah overhears Ono inform the Lion Guard that they will have to descend into the canyon if they want to rescue the baby antelope there.

In Fuli's path, when the Lion Guard are close enough, he leaps down from his tree, believing himself to be faster than she is. Without leaving a name, he races down, but the sand whirlwinds cause him to lose sight of where he is.

In Beshte's path, Male Cheetah approaches the Lion Guard from a ledge in the canyon, bragging about his speed and how he will be the one to find the baby antelope, proving to everyone that he's better than the Lion Guard. Sure enough, he reaches the baby first, but Janja, Cheezi and Chungu outnumber him. Male Cheetah becomes nervous and frightened. When the Guard catch up, they frighten the hyenas away by combining their shadows to form a "monster shadow", promising the cheetah not to worry.

After the baby is reunited with his mother, Male Cheetah explains that he has learnt that speed is not everything when you're alone, and Kion adds that team play is important.

But nonetheless, Fuli offers him a practice course, to see which of them can reach the water puddle first.


  • The first panel he appears in shows him with a black marking under his ear. But in all other images, his ear is completely yellow with spots, like the rest of his body.
  • He is the second known cheetah in the franchise.
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