Makuu's Trap is a comic based on The Lion Guard that is featured in issue 13 of The Lion Guard Magazine.

There are 2 paths for the reader to choose, and both lead to the same outcome.


The Lion Guard are approached by some worried Wildebeests. They explain how they were drinking at the river when they were attacked by Makuu. Although most of them escaped, they left a baby behind, although they are certain that the crocodile never saw him. Kion assures them that they will save him.

Ono is certain that his sight will find the baby, while Kion tasks Beshte with defeating the crocodiles as they take the baby back to its mother. But Bunga chimes in, much to Fuli's amusement. He believes that Makuu is up to something, but Ono worries that they would be wasting their time being cautious.

Ono's path

Kion tells Bunga that they'll keep an eye out. When they arrive, they realise that the baby wildebeest must be hiding, and that they'll have to search for him. However, the crocodiles overhear their conversation, and Makuu informs his float that they'll wait for the Lion Guard to find the baby first, then they'll attack. The Lion Guard overhear this, and Ono advises them to be quiet, and that he'll use a code to direct them to the baby once he's found him.

Ono does so, and Makuu wonders what he said. Kion confirms that they understood Ono's code perfectly.

Bunga's path

Sure enough, Makuu has a plan. While his float moan about how unfair it is that they can't eat the baby, Makuu explains that the Lion Guard will come to rescue him, and that they will catch the Lion Guard by hiding in the meantime.

When the Guard arrive, they are quick to notice the absence of the crocs. Bunga then tells the rest of the Guard that he knows a safe way across, and the crew follow him.


The baby wildebeest runs towards the Lion Guard, warning them of the crocodiles. Ono assures him that they know, and Fuli cheers the baby up by letting him know that his mother is waiting for him.

Just then, Bunga moves in the wrong direction, narrowly avoiding getting snapped up by a crocodile. Fuli and the baby are blocked off by another crocodile, and Kion warns Makuu to let them go. The crocodiles refuse to move until Beshte arrive, soaking them with mud.

The crocodiles move aside, spluttering out the mud in their mouths while the Lion Guard finally leave with the baby saved.

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