Oh, forgot to mention. This time, I brought my friends.

Makucha, The Golden Zebra

Makucha's Leap is a group of leopards led by Makucha that live in the Back Lands.


The Golden Zebra

The-golden-zebra (499)

A female leopard confronts Beshte

When Dhahabu's Watering Hole dries up, Dhahabu and the Lion Guard locate the source of the problem - a group of rocks blocking the water from streaming down. Makucha, however, refuses to share. When confronted by everyone, he brings in the rest of his leap, who immediately proceed to attack the bulk of the Lion Guard while Makucha fights Kion himself. At first, the leopards are easily able to withstand the Lion Guard by splitting up their attacks and targeting one member at a time.

The-golden-zebra (523)

A leopard approaches Ono

But it doesn't take long for the Lion Guard to compose themselves and fight back. And when Ono is in danger, Kion promptly abandons his fight against Makucha to team up with his friend and take down the offending leopard. With the Lion Guard distracted, Makucha sneaks away to Dhahabu. After each leopard is hit once, they leave the battle to Makucha, who blackmails the Lion Guard by using Dhahabu. When the Lion Guard convince her to strike back, Makucha is kicked into the pile of rocks blocking the water unleashing it, leaving their leader to retreat.

Named Members


The-imaginary-okapi (356)

Main article: Makucha

Makucha is a male leopard who is the leader of the leap. He is persistent, strong, confident and dislikes sharing with others. Despite all of his strengths, he can choose to retreat if his enemies are persistent themselves.

Unnamed Members

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