Season 1

Lions of the Outlands

"Jasiri, you're back! "

"You can't blame 'em. All they know are bad lions."

"I hope so. Those little ones need the water."

"I know Jasiri believed in you. But I'll admit, I had my doubts."

"I'm glad she has you for a friend."

Season 2

Rescue in the Outlands

"There's too many of them. Our clan can't fight them without Jasiri. I need the Lion Guard."

"Lion Guard, I need your help"

"Janja has Jasiri trapped in a steam vent. And Wema and Tunu are in there with her."

"I will. Thank you. Just keep going that way and you'll find the vent."

The Hyena Resistance

"Us? A Hyena Resistance?"

"I'll be back, before you know it."

"But, Jasiri has her own plan. We're going to stop Janja's clan before they ever leave the Outlands."

"And then Jasiri heard Janja say it would be their biggest attack yet."

Season 3

Return to the Pride Lands

"They went into the Pride Lands, not long after Jasiri and Janja left to find you. We don't know what happened after that. We promised Jasiri we'd stay away from Zira, so we've been hiding."
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