Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


Lumba-Lumba and Beshte are very good friends and both loved the w
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ater and seeing how Beshte says that he's never met a dolphin before and Lumba-Lumba says that she's never met a Beshte before. She was even grateful when Beshte helped her when she was beached by keeping her in the shade to keep cool. They were very sad when they said goodbye and she thanked and his friends for helping her out.


Bunga and Lumba-Lumba are good friends.
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She saves him when he falls into the ocean. He also helps her get back into the ocean and keeping her cool by throwing seaweed on her when she was beached.

The Rest of The Guard

Lumba-Lumba and the Lion Guard are good friends. They even helped her get back into the ocean when she was beached.


Lumba-Lumba and Makini are good friends. 



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Ora and Lumba-Lumba are enemies since he did try to eat her. 
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