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Lobsters are crustaceans that appear in The Lion Guard universe.


In real life, redclaw lobsters are bluish grey or green with their claws being a dull shade of red. They are small and are mainly freshwater inhabitants


The lobster is a large crustacean with two large, unequal sized claws used for feeding. Swimmerets line the underside of the tail, which fan water around the burrow and help oxygenate water going to the gills. The gender of an lobster is determined by examining the first pair of swimmerets behind the last pair of walking legs. In females, this pair of swimmerets is soft and feathery, while in the males they are larger and more rigid. The tail of the female is much broader for carrying eggs.

Lobsters are scavengers as well as predators, eating just about anything they can find along the bottom of the ocean, including fish, small crustaceans, and mollusks. They are cannibalistic as well and have been known to devour other lobsters in lobster traps. Their cutting claw has sharp teeth used for tearing prey into smaller pieces, while the heavy crushing claw is used to break the shells of mollusks. Smaller claws on the first two pairs of legs are used to direct food into the mouth and to sift through the mud. The last two pairs of legs are used for walking. Although lobsters walk rather than swim, they can quickly escape a predator with a flap of the tail, scuttling backward with a quick burst of speed. They are aggressive when fighting over territories and can inflict a painful pinch if aggravated. American lobsters are nocturnal and have highly developed sense organs on their legs to detect food in the absence of light.


Dragon Island

During a That's the Dolphin Way since Lumba-Lumba swimming around her ocean the lobster can be seen in the background.

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