–Little Monkey, Babysitter Bunga

Little Monkey is a monkey who lives in the Pride Lands. He first appeared in Follow That Hippo!.


Little Monkey has a lithe build, with light brown fur with a patch of golden brown fur on his stomach and pink coloring around his face and in the inners of his ears and little pink rings around his blue eyes.


Little Monkey is shown to have a penchant for fun, much like Bunga's other young charges. He is a great listener, and, despite his small size, is willing to take on foes much bigger than he is. Much like his babysitter, he is very brave.


Follow That Hippo!

He appears during the song "Hero Inside, along with Mtoto who gave him a ride across the river while Beshte gave his family a ride.

Babysitter Bunga

Babysitter-bunga (342)

Teke, ruka, teleza!

Word breaks out that Bunga is babysitting Hamu for Muhimu, and soon, several other Pride Lander parents are left wondering if they could take care of their children for a while too. Little Monkey's mother is amongst those who decide to see for themselves and, after Bunga accepts, Little Monkey joins the group in Hakuna Matata Falls. The first thing he learns there is how to Teke Ruka Teleza, or kick jump slide.

Babysitter-bunga (579)

Little Monkey defeats a jackal

After a bit of playtime, Reirei's Pack arrive to spoil the party. The jackals surround the kids, and Reirei pins Bunga down. Bunga cries "teke" to the kids, and they act accordingly, with Little Monkey sliding down Young Rhino's horn and kicking Dogo back. When told to scatter, he does so with the rest of the children. Soon, one of the older jackals start chasing Little Monkey, and Bunga calls "teleza" to him. Little Monkey performs the action, sliding down a hillside. Unable to keep up, the jackal smashes into a rock, and Little Monkey blows him a raspberry from the top of it.

Babysitter-bunga (629)

The best babysitter ever.

With the jackals defeated, Bunga and his group charge the jackals, with Little Monkey sitting on Kijana. Once the rest of the Lion Guard arrive, he releases her when Kion orders them to leave. He and the other children then assert their desire for them to leave and, not wishing to tangle with them again, the jackals run. Just moments later, his mother arrives to pick him up. When Bunga announces their recent fight his mother is initially horrified, but soon discovers that Bunga himself taught them how to defend themselves. When Muhimu claims him to be the best babysitter ever, he rushes back to Bunga with the other youngsters to agree, giving him a farewell cuddle.




  • Young Monkey's voice actor also voices one of the young hippos.
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