This page contains a list of foreign words that have been used in The Lion Guard and their English translations.


Character Names



Kilio - to cry or mourn so. or sth.

Kimbia - to run

Kucheka - Laugh

Kuchimba - dig

Kulinda - protect

Kuona - see or feel sth. or so.

Ni - is or are

Starahe - rest

Tazama - to look at so. or sth.

Waza - think, assume

Zama - to dive

Zuka - to pop up somewhere


  • Sarah Mirza has revealed a number of Swahili words that are planned to be used in The Lion Guard: Karibu (welcome), and Jenga (to build).
  • Sarah Mirza refers to the Swahili used in The Lion Guard as "Swinglish", which is "Half English and half Swahili." By this, she is most likely referring to the fact that though Swahili is incorporated into the show, English pronunciation and/or spelling is used for the words and phrases.


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