‘’Learning by Experience’’ is a comic based on The Lion Guard that is featured in issue 41 of Disney Junior Magazine.


Kion and Kiara are climbing trees, when their father suggests that they learn something useful instead. Kiara questions her father on what exactly, but he answers that they and their friends can figure it out.

They meet up with the rest of the Lion Guard plus Tiifu and Zuri, and try to decide what they could learn. Bunga wishes to learn swimming and Beshte suggests camouflage. Unable to make up their minds, they decide to scout the area.

They head out, unaware that Mzingo the vulture is watching them from above. Ono suggests learning how to deal with beehives. The Lion Guard are unable to make up their minds on what to do with them, with Beshte wishing to charge them down since bees can sting other animals and Bunga believing that the hives should not be damaged since not only is their honey delicious to him, they also help grow plants.

The bees turn on Kiara and the Lion Guard, and they manage to retreat without getting stung.

Mzingo swoops down to speak with Kiara, telling her that in order to learn something useful, she should do it on her own by traversing to the Outlands alone. After hearing Mzingo's proposal, Kion tries to warn his sister about Mzingo, but Kiara, tired of listening to her brother and getting in trouble all day, decides that the best way really is to do things by herself.

Kiara ventures to the Outlands where Janja's Clan await her. They tell her that she can learn to fear them, but the Lion Guard arrive to scare them away before she is hurt.

They return to the Pride Lands, where Simba, Nala, Zazu, Tiifu, and Zuri are all waiting. They proudly declare that they have learned something useful, that when they join forces, they can do great things. Kiara learned the importance of learning to listen to those who love you, and to say "thank you."


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