Oh, nothing. Just that... A leopard moved into our trees!

Laini, The Trouble With Galagos

Laini's Tree is a location in the Pride Lands.


Laini's tree is a fairly small tree with a thin stick poking out from the ground right next to it. It has few branches and many leaves growing. Near the bottom of the tree is a large, lone rock.


The Trouble With Galagos

The-trouble-with-galagos (119)

Badili falls down

When Badili invades their tree, Laini and her group of galagos rush to the Lion Guard to request assistance.

The Guard agrees to help, and after ordering Laini and her friends to remain behind, they venture to the tree to deal with the leopard.

Soon afterward, Laini once again informs the Guard of Badili's invasion, and Kion realizes that Badili needed to learn how to stand up for himself.

Once the Guard has helped Badili reclaim his home, they are once again summoned by Laini and realize that Bunga had settled himself in the tree.

Beshte and the Beast

When Beshte teaches Shujaa  how to control his strength they hear Laini and her galagos yell. Laini explains that a serval is in their tree and they think that he wants to eat them. The serval explains that he was hunting a bird, but doesn't know how to get down. Beshte tasks Shujaa with assisting the serval, but is stopped before he can tear Laini's tree down completely. Beshte asks him to think first, and he obliges. He then conjures up another idea. Shujaa leans the tree to one side,
Beshte-and-the-beast (414)

A visitor

allowing the serval to leave. However, while thanking Beshte, he releases the tree which catapults the galagos to another tree in Ndefu Grove.  Shujaa offers to catapult them back, but Laini worriedly insists that they'll get back on their own, which causes Shujaa disappointment. 

Pride Landers Unite!

Boboka runs into her tree when her herd was running from "jackals." Later Bunga asks the galagos if they wanna fight the Outlanders.


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