It was really great to come back and revisit The Lion King because I was in The Lion King 2 as child almost 20 years I ago, I did the voice of Vitani... So, to play her again has been a really nice pleasant surprise.

–Lacey in an interview

Lacey Nicole Chabert is the voice of Vitani in The Lion Guard.

Early Life

Lacey Chabert was born in Purvis, Mississippi, to Julie (Johnson) and Tony Chabert, a representative for an oil company. She is of Cajun (French), Italian, English, and Scottish ancestry. Miss Chabert started drama and music performances in and around her hometown in Mississippi from an early age. [1]


Lacey Chabert's most well-known roles were as Eliza Thornberry on The Wild Thornberrys and as the original voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. She also took on the role of Tanya Mousekewitz in the An American Tail direct-to-video sequels An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island and An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster [2], Aleu in Balto 2: Wolf Quest and Zeta in Season 2 through 4 of Shimmer and Shine


Nuka & Vitani Voice Actor Interview

Nuka & Vitani Voice Actor Interview




  • Chabert had previously voiced Vitani in the 1998 film The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, which The Lion Guard serves as a midquel to.
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