Friends, Allies & Acquaintances

Kambuni, Gumba, Mtoto And Shauku

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Kwato is good friends with them. He loves playing predent Lion Guard with them. When Mtoto went to hang out with Beshte and the rest of the guard Kwato thought it was cool. 

The Lion Guard

Kwato is allies with all of the members in the Lion Guard. However Kion didn't like it when the kids were predenting to be hyenas. ​​​​​Kwato gets execited when Kion gives him the Mark of the Guard


Kwato and Thurston are on good terms since he is the leader of their herd. When they said that Mtoto was being chased by hyenas he didn't believe them. In "Never Roar Again" Kwato took Thurston's advice to panic and run when Makuu and his crocs took over the Flood Plains. Thurston will always look out for the little zebra.


Janja, Cheezi And Chungu

While chasing a group of hyraxes Janja and his clan starts chasin
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g them. They all get away but when Mtoto didn't. They went to warn Beshte and Beshte saved Mtoto. 


When Kwato and his herd has been attack by Makuu and his float to take over the Flood Plains.
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