This place is un-Bunga-lievable! I bet even Beshte could fit in here! What a nest! And it's got grubs! I could get used to this place.

Bunga, Ono and the Egg

Kulinda's nest is a location in the Pride Lands. It is the home of Kulinda and her daughter, Ona.


Ono-and-the-egg (33)

Kulinda protecting Ona's egg from a bird of prey

Kulinda's standard nest is wedged in between three tree branches. It's a round nest made up of twigs. Her upgraded nest is much larger than the first. It is supported by many branches on the back and one branch at the bottom. It's a cylindrical nest with a hole through the middle that has plenty of space for Bunga to fit inside. There is even a smaller nest inside for her spawn to sleep and eat in.


Ono and the Egg

As Kulinda prepares her nest for the arrival of her chick, she is startled by Mpishi flying past and is relieved when she sees Ono chasing the harrier hawk. Kulinda decides to leave her egg in Ono's charge of her egg, whilst she prepares a safer nest. So she brings the egg to his nest without him knowing.

Ono-and-the-egg (320)

The Mother Returns

Later, after helping a group of hares, the Guard arrives at Kulinda's nest, and despite Kion's warning, Bunga climbs up. He marvels at the nest, and Kulinda soon arrives. Beshte greets her pleasantly, and she returns the greeting. Kion questions her, and Kulinda explains her reason for leaving her egg in Ono's care, whilst fixing a last stick into the nest.

Kulinda anxiously questions upon the safety of her egg, and Fuli and Beshte hurriedly assure her. Kulinda accepts the offer of the Guard escorting her to fetch her child, and they set off.

Ono-and-the-egg (620)

Home at Last

Later, after retrieving [Ona|[Kulinda's chick]] from Mpishi, the Guard walks Kulinda and her chick to the nest, and Kulinda expresses her desire to name her child after Ono. After Bunga questions her, she explains that the chick is a female, and will be named Ona.

Ono extends a fond farewell towards Ona and promises to visit. Kulinda warmly extends a welcome towards him and reminds him of what must be done.  Ono agrees, and the three perform a family dance, much to the delight of the rest of the Guard, whom watch the scene fondly.

Return to the Pride Lands

Ona is shown to have grown, just like her adoptive father



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