No hawk's going to take my baby!

–Kulinda, Ono and the Egg

Kulinda is a female hamerkop that resides in the Pride Lands.


Her body is dark brown, her head light brown, and her beak and legs are dark blue-gray. Her wings are reddish brown and pale brown, her tail feathers are dark brown,  and her eyes are brown.


Kulinda is very friendly and kind-hearted. She is a caring mother and is able to recognize true heroism. She is also gracious towards Ono for caring for and protecting her baby.


Ono and the Egg

Ono-and-the-egg (37)

"Go Ono, go!"

Kulinda is seen caring for her egg, excitingly waiting for it to hatch. Then, she sees Mpishi fly overhead and begins to worry for her young one's safety. Shortly afterward, she sees Ono flying after the hawk, cheering him on as he goes. Witnessing the young egret's bravery, Kulinda knows Ono is perfect to watch her egg while she fixes up her nest, so she leaves her egg in Ono's Nest.

As she continues building her nest, the sticks Kulinda was carrying blows out of her talons due to the approaching storm, and she goes searching for more.

Ono-and-the-egg (324)
Kulinda returns to her nest to find Bunga eating insects she had collected, but she tells the honey badger that the nest is already taken, then she sees the rest of the Lion Guard. Kion asks her why she left her egg in Ono's nest, and she explains that her nest wasn't done yet but she is now ready for her egg. She then begins to panic that something might be wrong with her egg, but the Guard assures her that the egg is safe.

But when they make it back to Ono's nest, Kulinda discovers that her egg has hatched and her baby is gone. She lets out a cry, which leads her baby right to her. Upon seeing her chick, the two perform the family dance, but as soon as the two are reunited, the baby goes running off to chase another bug straight towards a river.
Ono-and-the-egg (595)

Kulinda saves her daughter

Kulinda flies off with Ono to save her, but her baby is grabbed by Mpishi and the two fly after her with Mwoga joining in. With Ono's quick thinking they are able to stop the hawk and save her chick, and as a special way to thank the young egret, Kulinda names her chick after him, calling her Ona. When Ono says that he is going to miss her, Kulinda affirms that he can visit them anytime as they consider Ono as a family member. But she reminds Ono that when he does come back, he has to do the family dance, to which she does with Ona and Ono as the Guard watches with pleasure.

Return to the Pride Lands

File:Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 9.03.27 PM.png
Kulinda and her daughter Ona reunites with Ono when he comes home from visiting the Tree of Life.


  • Ona: Daughter
  • Ono: Husband (adopted)


  • Kulinda has returned for Season 3 but only in silent cameo

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