There's nothing scary about being in the dark.

–Kuchimba, The Underground Adventure

Kuchimba is a golden mole who lives in the Pride Lands underground tunnels.


Kuchimba is a golden mole who has a stumpy tail, a red nose, and golden fur with a white face and underbelly. He also has brown claws on both his front and back paws, and orange patterns on his face in the place of his eyes. 


Like all golden moles, Kuchimba is very territorial and is not willing to give up his tunnels without a fight. But when he realizes that those that he attacked do not wish to steal his tunnels, he apologizes and politely offers to help out with their problems. He is also very comfortable living underground and assures Tiifu that every terrifying thing in the dark is just in her imagination.


The Underground Adventure

The-underground-adventure (322)

Kuchimba introduces himself

When Kion, Bunga, Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri are forced to journey underground to avoid a fire that is caused by Mzingo under the orders of Scar, Kuchimba detects their presence and believes that they are trying to steal his tunnels. The golden mole ambushes them and attacks onto Kion's nose, but the lion is merely tickled and sneezed Kuchimba away before the latter is caught by Bunga. Kuchimba struggles to break free from Bunga's grip, but when he hears Tiifu's reason on why they are in his territory, Kuchimba calms down and is free to offer his help to get them to Pride Rock.

The-underground-adventure (395)

As Kuchimba leads the way, Tiifu asks Kuchimba if he is afraid of the dark, and Kuchimba assures her that there is nothing to fear in the dark because all of Tiifu's concerns are in her imagination. Kuchimba continues to lead the group before reaching the point where he has to return to his territory.

Tiifu then thanks Kuchimba for his advice of facing her fears before the two part ways.



  • Kuchimba was first mentioned over a year ahead of time along with Dhahabu, Shujaa, Kenge and Hodari.
  • One news article claimed that Kuchimba was going to be introduced in Season 3, when actually he first appeared in Season 2.[1]
  • Kuchimba has a few lines of unused dialogue that were reported:
Everyone at times gets a scare
But don’t you let that fear take over
When you could be dancing here without a care


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