Unnamed Mother

Kongwe know about her mother was a tortoise. A child of a tortoise is also a tortoise.

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


The-wisdom-of-kongwe (316)

Upon meeting Kongwe, Makini is impressed by her wisdom and willing to listen to it in “The Wisdom of Kongwe”, were we see the two engage in conversation multiple times.

Makini even tried to defend the old tortoise from Makucha, using some moves Rafiki taught her. She also has respect for Kongwe as well.


The-wisdom-of-kongwe (197)

Fuli was at first bothered and a little annoyed by Kongwe. But Kongwe tells her that, in order to defeat Makucha she had to observe him when she did that Fuli beat him.

Rest of the Guard

The-wisdom-of-kongwe (535)

After they rescued herd of Elands from fire, they meet Kongwe has decided to her to Pride Rock to figuring out how to defeat Scar to save the Pride Lands.


The-wisdom-of-kongwe (553)

After Kion and his Father talk to Mufasa he knows the wise animal at all of the Pride Lands so he send Fuli and Makini to bring her at Pride Rock. Later she has arrived just in time, he confused what does it means.


Rafiki he knows Kongwe the wisest animal in the Pride Lands. Later, she arrived at the Pride Rock just in time. Fuli realize she translates means to find the solution. He impressed since she is very wise.



The-wisdom-of-kongwe (428)

Kongwe nearly became a meal for the leopard after he spots her and admits that she is a tasty delicacy but is forced to leave by Fuli but later returns, claiming to have waited for to long and is ready to feast.

Luckily for the tortoise, her wise words are able to help Fuli defeat Makucha and once she does, he claims to have lost his taste for tortoise.


Kongwe knows Scar has returned, she thinks how to defeat him her claims "it is the patient animal that eats the ripe fruit" when Fuli who translates for the others by saying that what she means is that they will find the solution eventually.