Klipspringer is a klipspringer who lives in the Pride Lands. He appears in Never Roar Again and Ono's Idol.


Klipspringer has brown fur with grey fur on his limbs, underbelly and around his eyes and muzzle. Inside his ear is black with grey and white rims. His eyes are also rimmed with white. His eyes and nose are black, and he also possesses two black antlers. A small black triangle also juts out from underneath his eye.


Although not seen for very long, Klipspringer is a jittery creature, who appears to get trapped easily by bounding around so much. It is easy to startle him and when this happens he reacts by leaping away from the supposed danger. When he is safe from harm, he is a happy little fellow.


Never Roar Again

Never-roar-again-hd (291)

Klipspringer is trapped

Klipspringer manages to get himself trapped on a rock in the middle of a fast flowing current. Ono flies down to him and confirms his findings to the rest of the Lion Guard, who in turn race to save him. Having hurt his mother previously that day, Kion refuses to use his Roar and decides to ask Beshte to knock down a tree, resulting in a path across to Klipspringer.

Never-roar-again-hd (319)

Klipspringer saves himself

Kion treads carefully, but the rotting tree breaks under his weight, trapping the lion cub inside. The rest of the Lion Guard run to the tree and ignore Kion's warnings, causing the tree to snap entirely. The Lion Guard fall into the water, and the spray of tree bark startles Klipspringer so much that he leaps across to the other side. When the Lion Guard reach dry land, Kion notices Klipspringer happily leaping around nearby with a look of elation on his face.

Ono's Idol

Onos-idol (476)

Janja approaches...

Klipspringer and their family are trapped on a cliffside. After Ono spots them, the legendary eagle Hadithi refuses to help since they should be able to get down on their own accord. However, Ono then spots Janja's Clan closing in on them. When Hadithi leaves, he tries to help the klipspringers but instead gets wounded, leaving Janja to hone in on the frightened herd.

Onos-idol (501)

Klipspringer stumbles

When the Lion Guard arrive, Kion and Bunga manage to delay Janja long enough for Beshte to push over a boulder to the cliffs on the other side. They start to walk across, with Fuli guiding them. But Klipspringer trips and falls on the way. The hyenas get closer, but Ono and Hadithi show up, distracting them long enough for Klipspringer to reach safety.

Journey to the Pride Lands

When the Lion Guard comes home from the Tree of Life they go to the big wall. Kion roars to get to the other side faster, but turns out that there's a giant lake on the other side. Fuli, Janja, Jasiri, and Azaad help the klipspringer get to safety.

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