Kitendo's Troop is a group of mandrills led by Kitendo that live in the Pride Lands.


Battle for the Pride Lands

Makini's parents were first seen in the The Lair of the Lion Guard as a cave painting while Rafiki tells the Lion Guard about the Tree of Life.

Journey of Memories

Makini remembers a bunch of flashbacks with her parents when she first met to the Tree of Life. However, Kion gets tired of all Makini's detours. When Makini was sad she remembered what her parents would always say "As You Move Forward don't forget to look back."

Return to the Pride Lands

Makini goes to hug her parents as they watch Kion become king of the Tree of Life. 

Named Members


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Kitendo is the leader of the Troop. He is Fikiri's mate and the father of Makini.


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Fikiri is a member of the Troop. She is Kitendo's mate and the mother of Makini.


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Makini is a member of the troop. She is the daughter of Fikiri and Kitendo. She is also the current apprentice of Rafiki.


  • This is the second monkey troop in the series, the first being Tumbili's Troop.
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