The-rise-of-scar (456)

Kion loves, respects, and cares for his father immensely. He will get very worried, when his father is in danger and will do all in his might to ensure his safety (the same with all his family members), this is seen in "Bunga and the King" and "The Scorpion's Sting".

Although, Kion expressed sadness and fear, when he was scolded by his father in "Return of the Roar", he will still do everything that's possible for him to save his father and, like Beshte, he is also afraid of disappointing him. Kion will always trust his father's judgment and wants to make him proud.


Never-roar-again-hd (555)

Unlike Simba, Nala immediately accepts Kion's choices for the new Lion Guard. She expressed immense pride in her son's Guard, for defeating Janja's clan and saving Kiara, in "Return of the Roar"

Kion shows great concern whenever Nala is in great peril. As seen in "Never Roar Again" when he loses it at Janja and his clan for attacking Nala. He also expresses great fear for almost accidentally hurting Nala with the Roar, showing how much he cares for her. 


The-trail-to-udugu (13)

Unlike how his granduncle Scar was towards Mufasa, Kion doesn't show any resentment or jealousy towards his sister, Kiara being heir to the throne. He instead appears happy that she is the heir instead of him.

Although the two cubs appear to have sibling rivalry, they do still care deeply for each other. "Can't Wait to be Queen" is the perfect example, because the two cubs are not getting along at the start of the episode, but Kion rescues Kiara from Janja's clan at the end. The cubs can also occasionally be a little snarky with one another, as seen at the start of "Return of the Roar".

Although, as of the episode, "The Trail to Udugu", Kion and Kiara seem to work together a lot more. Their sibling rivalry seems to have diminished. Their sibling rivalry could have come from their abilities in leadership, Kion of the Lion Guard and Kiara's eventual reign as queen.


Kions-lament (25)

Kion looks up to his wise grandfather, Mufasa, who is there to guide him whenever he is in doubt. If the cub is ever uncertain of what to do, Mufasa always reassures him that everything will be fine, although he never exactly tells him what to do. In "Return of the Roar", Mufasa reassured him that the Roar of the Elders would be there when he needed it.  Mufasa is never ever cross with his grandson and Kion is never afraid of him, not even when he confessed that it was his fault Scar returned. Kion is always on good terms with Mufasa.  

However in Season 3, after Ushari bit him, Kion had a scar on his face. This caused Kion to lose his temper and lose control of his Roar, resulting in him becoming too ashamed of his scar to let Mufasa see him. However, in "Long Live the Queen", Rani encourages Kion to talk to Mufasa and reassures him that he doesn't need to be afraid. Kion talks to Mufasa after not doing so for ages and realizes that Mufasa is not angry with him at all, that he had only been worried that Kion had forgotten about him. After Kion explains himself, Mufasa assures Kion he could have talked with him so that Mufasa could have given his grandson the guidance he needed, and that he would always be there for Kion no matter what. 

In "The Lake of Reflection", Mufasa understands that Kion is a capable enough leader to give up the Roar and informs him of where he should go. In "Return to the Pride Lands", at the wedding of Kion and Rani, Mufasa proudly looks down at his grandson and granddaughter-in-law.


Although Kion wasn't born to see Scar murder Mufasa and assume control of everything, he has obviously heard enough stories about him to know that Scar is not t
Battle for the pride lands (672)
o be trusted by anyone. Scar is Kion's archnemesis and Kion vows not to end up like him, after receiving the Roar of the Elders. Kion looks down on his granduncle for his crimes, knowing that he was never the rightful king. 

In Season 2, Kion inadvertently gets angry at Janja and his Roar accidentally brings Scar's spirit back. Kion sees Scar for the first time in "Divide and Conquer" and is upset to find out that Scar poisoned Simba, in "The Scorpion's Sting".  Ever since then, Kion's made it his mission to defeat his evil granduncle and will stop at nothing to do that. Kion goes so far as to build a Pridelands army in "Pride Landers Unite!". 

In Season 3, however, Kion, knowing that only the Lions of the Past can judge Scar for his evil deeds, forgives his granduncle for his past crimes and puts his spirit to rest with help from the Great Lions, who makes it rain on Scar to defeat him. Kion's darkest fear seems to be that he will give in to his anger and use the Roar for evil, like Scar. He fears this a lot in Season 3, whenever his scar hurts him and his Roar is uncontrollable, along with his temper. Kion also begins to doubt himself as a leader. However, Kion is saved from turning evil after being healed at the Tree of Life.     


Of the Same Pride

Kion and Rani first met when Bunga accidentally caused a rockslide on the way to the Tree of Life. Their relationship started off as bad, with Rani assuming that Kion and The Lion Guard were dangerous after Kion accidentally unleashes the Roar of the Elders on Rani's brother, Baliyo. Rani was so outraged, she wanted to banish the Guard from the Tree of Life forever, but after a talk with her grandmother Queen Janna, and the spirits of her parents, Rani reluctantly agrees to welcome the Guard to the Tree of Life.

However, Rani was pleased that Kion put Ono's needs before his own, she still hated him for sending Baliyo flying. In the "River of Patience", Rani brought them to her grandmother but wanted them to leave as soon as possible. However, she was still pleased when Kion helped her stop Mackucha's army. In "The Lake of Reflection", she distrusted Kion as a leader, but she was still worried about his healing.  However, after the fight in that same episode, Rani starts to appreciate Kion and his friends. In "Long Live the Queen", Rani and Kion had really opened up to one another after the death of Queen Janna. When Rani is in tears after her grandmother's death, Kion sympathizes with her by letting her sob into his neck and comforting her. At Queen Janna's funeral, Kion and Rani console one another about their fears and end up becoming close friends. Kion smiles up at Rani when she becomes Queen of the Tree of Life. 

In "Triumph of the Roar", Rani starts showing adoration for Kion, wishing for the Roar of the Elders to be returned to the Tree of Life. She especially shows adoration for him after seeing how he single-handedly blew the bad guys away. In "Journey to the Pridelands", Kion and Rani have a much closer friendship, which eventually blossoms into love. At this point, Kion considers staying at the Tree of Life after Rani asks him to be her king. In "Return to the Pride Lands", after giving the Roar of the Elders to Vitani, Kion is able to move back to the Tree of Life, where he and Rani get married.   


Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 1.05.16 PM

When Kion and Baliyo first met, Baliyo attacked him after assuming that the Lion Guard was dangerous. Baliyo also taunts Kion and is accidentally blown away by Kion's Roar. When Baliyo's sister, Rani, finally decides to welcome the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life, Baliyo doesn't show any ill feelings towards the Guard, but asked Kion to never roar at him again, while also saying he was impressed by it.  As the season went on, Baliyo, Kion, and The Night Pride had gotten to know each other and this caused them to gradually develop a better relationship.

In The River of Patience, when Kion notices the Night Pride are fighting an army and Baliyo gets bitten by Ora, Kion rushes over to help, showing that he does like the Night Pride. Baliyo asked Kion to use the Roar on the bad guys, showing that he had began to trust Kion. 

In The Lake of Reflection, when Makucha's Army come back to the Tree of Life, Baliyo and the Night Pride listen to Kion's instructions on how to run off Mackucha's Army, showing that they now trust Kion enough to do what he says. In Return to the Pride Lands, Kion and Baliyo eventually become brothers-in-law after Kion marries Baliyo's sister, Queen Rani, and becomes the new king of the Tree of Life.   


Kion and Surak started off on hostile grounds due to a misunderstanding. It was after Kion and his friends made amends that showed their true intentions and Kion putting his friend Ono before himself that Surak and the Night Pride began to give him a chance. Surak correctly suspected Kion wielded the Roar of the Elders after witnessing it the first time.

As Kion and the Guard helped the Night Pride defend the Tree of Life from Makucha's Army, Surak came to respect Kion as a fierce warrior and a worthy leader, especially after how Kion finally mastered the Roar and used it to banish the villains far away from the Tree of Life.

Kion would soon become Surak's nephew-in-law by Kion's marriage to Rani, as well as Surak's king.


Unlike the rest of his pride, Kovu does not seem to harbor any ill feelings towards Kion and appears to be more of an acquaintance or neutral individual where Kion is concerned. He was excited at the prospect of being welcomed back into the Pride Lands, but towards the end, he was frightened of Kion and his roar. Years later, Kovu and Kiara become mates, making Kovu a part of Kion's family. Kion later meets Kovu, now a member of his family and his brother-in-law putting the past behind them both.


Kion used to hate Vitani for aiding her mother, Zira, and the rest of her pride, in stealing Jasiri's waterhole. Kion and Vitani were enemies, due to Vitani being a follower of Scar and following Zira's instructions all the time. When Kion and Vitani first met in "Lions of the Outlands", Vitani was surprised that Kion was on Jasiri's side and not on the side of lions. However, she was shown to be impressed when Kion had made it rain. Despite how impressed she was, she hated Kion as much Zira hated him. Eventually, Kion roars Vitani and her pride out of the Outlands.
Vitani Kion

Vitani becomes leader of the Pride Lands's new Lion Guard

However, in Season 3, after Kion and his friends had returned to the Pride Lands, they are not happy with Vitani and other lionesses protecting the Pride Lands. That is until Kion realizes that Vitani has a right to win the competition after challenging him to a Mashindano even though Kion has the advantage. For this, Kion appreciates Vitani and gives her the Mark of the Guard and the Roar of the Elders. Vitani even attends Kion and Rani's wedding.


Screenshot - 8 30 2019 , 7 44 02 PM
Askari is Kion's distant relative and later his mentor in mastering the Roar of the Elders. Askari shows pride and fondness for his relative and helps Kion find his true place in the Circle of Life by hinting of another place (the Tree of Life) that could use the Roar's help.

Kion likewise respects and is grateful to Askari for guiding him, and Askari watched over his relative during his coronation as the new King of the Tree of Life.

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


When Kion first asked Fuli to be on the Lion Guard, she was quite resentful to the fact
The Lion Guard Battle for the Pride Lands WatchTLG snapshot 720p
that lions had to be the fiercest. She teased Kion when he produced a squeak instead of a Roar. But, upon seeing the ability of the Roar of the Elders, Fuli had softened around Kion and trusts him as a leader.   

Occasionally, Fuli  argues with her leader, as seen in "The Search for Utamu" and "The Mbali Fields Migration". Fuli is still a loyal member of the Guard and often turns to Kion for his opinions on matters. In "Bunga the Wise", Kion and Fuli exchange skeptical looks at each other and Kion remarks to her “I know what you’re thinking”, showing that the two have a close bond and think similarly.

In Season 3, Kion trusts her enough to let her lead the Lion Guard when his scar is hurting. When Kion's scar hurts him, Fuli often acts as the voice of reason and steps in in order to calm him. However, in "Friends to the Ends", Kion and Fuli nearly end up fighting each other, when Kion's starts making him be mean to others. Despite this, Fuli still knew that Kion would never turn evil. In "The Lake of Reflection", when Kion's confidence is lacking, because of his scar, Fuli and the others remind Kion of the time they were infants and he showed them how to be a team.    

According to director Ford Riley, Fuli sees Kion as a brother, and Kion trusts her as his second-in-command. Fuli was Kion's friend since they were infants, which means that they have always be close.


Kion and Bunga have been best friends since they were infants. They used to always go exploring and they used to play Baobab
Battle for the pride lands (862)
Ball together. Although, now Kion is more serious about leading the Lion Guard, he still likes to have fun with his friend. Kion is one of the members of the Guard who doesn't think Bunga is annoying. 

In season 3, as a result of Ushari's venom, Kion begins to behave aggressively and lash out at his friends. His patience also starts to wear thin, just like Scar. In "The Accidental Avalanche" and "The Race to Tuliza", Kion yells at Bunga. In the Season 3 pilot, Kion accidentally Roars at Bunga, but Bunga tells his friend he enjoyed it.

In Friends to the End, Bunga thinks that Kion's scar is turning him evil, after he is mean to Beshte and Yu Mibu, and calls rescuing others a waste of time. However, Bunga still tried to rescue Kion when he was dangling from a cliff and told him that even if he turned evil they would always be best friends. However, in "The Tree of Life", Kion yells at Bunga again, when he causes a rockslides ouside the The Tree of Life.  


Kion and Beshte
Kion and Beshte were close friends since they were toddlers. Kion never criticizes Beshte and is aware of his down-to-earth nature, as seen in the "The Imaginary Okapi", when he scolds Bunga and Ono for saying that Beshte lied about Ajabu. At first, Kion was the only member of the Lion Guard, who believed Beshte was telling the truth.

In "Swept Away", Kion was miserable when he accidentally got Beshte swept into the Outlands. He got really annoyed at Janja's clan for trying to crush Beshte with rocks. While the Lion Guard is going back  to the Pridelands, Beshte understands that Kion was only trying to help the zebras and didn't feel angry or frustrated with him for his mistake. 

Kion and Beshte both despair at the thought of disappointing their fathers, Simba and Basi. 

In "Friends to the End", Kion's scar is hurting more than ever, causing him to be mean to Beshte and Yu Mibu, the clouded leopard. However, after realizing his actions, a remorseful Kion apologises to Beshte for yelling at him. Despite how mean Kion had been, Beshte understands that his scar is the problem and doesn't get mad. 


Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (108)
Ono and Kion are close friends. Ono never seems to question his leader and is always one step ahead. Kion seems to encourage Ono a lot, such as in the episode "Fire from the Sky". Kion knows that he can always rely on Ono to get things done and trusts Ono's knowledge about the circle of the life. However, in "The Imaginary Okapi", Kion does scold Bunga and Ono for hurting Beshte's feelings.

In "Eye of the Beholder", when Ono is briefly out of commission after getting sand in his eye, Kion encourages him to rest and reassures him that the Guard will be okay without him for a few days. Ono starts to question his value as the keenest of sight, but Kion tells him that he's always been on the team.

In "Battle for the Pride Lands", after the final battle with Scar, Kion commands Ono for his brave deed in saving Bunga's life. Even though the rescue causes Ono to be blind in both eyes, Kion recognises that Ono is still useful and creates a new position on the Lion Guard, known as the smartest. 


Kion and Rafiki
Rafiki is the Royal Mjuzi of the Pride Lands, who is very wise and a friend to Kion and his family.

When first hearing Kion roar, Rafiki is certain it is time for him to follow his destiny and helps Simba explain to his son about the lion guard. He also is very caring and worries when others are in danger, as seen when he realizes that Kion could be with the Outsiders, and is always helping the sick and injured, as seen when he heals Ono and Simba, who are both very close to Kion.

Due to their close friendship, Kion is protective of Rafiki, when he and the Guard save him from jackals and hyenas.


Kion & Makini
Makini is a Royal Mjuzi in training and, like Rafiki, she is a really close friend of Kion's family. Kion and Makini met in the episode The Rise of Scar, however, Kion was quite irritated at first, due to fact that Makini was talking about being able to hear the kings of the past, but he was still happy to meet her and he was pleased to hear that she would be the next Royal Mjuzi for the Pridelands.

In the episode The Ukumbusho Tradition, Kion is quick to stand up for Makini when Zito is being harsh on her. On the other hand, Makini has come through for Kion as well, such as in the episode The Bite of Kenge, when she agrees to help Bunga retrieve the melons from Janja's clan and Kenge, while the rest of the Guard were paralysed. 

In Season 3, when the Lion Guard sets off for the Tree of Life, to heal Kion's scar and Ono's blindness, Makini agrees to give Kion Tuliza blossoms whenever his scar's hurting, showing how much she cares for him. However, in the episodes Journey of Memories, Kion started to lose it with her, but Makini, knowing that he can't help it, did not get angry with him. In the episode Friends to the End, Kion starts being mean to other animals and the Tuliza has no effect anymore. But, Makini, like everyone else, trusts that Kion does not intend on turning evil.


The-morning-report (504)
Although as a youngster Kion caused the hornbill some problems, Kion deeply respects the Majordomo. He appreciates everything he does and was eager to save his life when he was in danger. The two are good friends.


The-ukumbusho-tradition (157)
He seems to be close friends with Timon because not only is he raising his best friend, Bunga, but he also raised his father Simba when he was a cub. Timon later helps him prepare for the Ukumbusho and in return, Kion along with the rest of the Lion Guard perform The Twelve Ways of Christmas to cheer him and Pumbaa up on Christmas Day.


Zuka-zama (79)
He seems to be close friends with Pumbaa because not only is he raising his best friend, Bunga, but he also raised his father Simba when he was a cub. Pumbaa later helps him prepare for the Ukumbusho and in return, Kion along with the rest of the Lion Guard perform The Twelve Ways of Christmas to cheer him and Timon up on Christmas Day.


Kion lovingly nuzzles Jasiri
Kion and Jasiri's relationship started off as being awkward, as Kion's father, Simba, had told him not to trust hyenas. But, after Jasiri thought him that most hyenas are good, Kion had a change of heart towards her and her clan. As of "Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots", Kion and Jasiri appear to be extremely close friends.

Throughout the series, Kion and the Guard have saved Jasiri's clan several times from Scar's army. In Rescue in the Outlands, Kion showed deep concern for Jasiri's safety and was really mad at Janja for trying to blow up Jasiri, Wema and Tunu by way of a steam vent. In "The Hyena Resistance", Jasiri agrees to help the Lion Guard mess up Scar's plans, showing that she is deeply committed to working with Kion and the Guard in order to defeat Scar. Kion shows that he is worried for her safety when he offers her clan a place in the Pridelands, showing how much he cares for her safety.

In Season 3, in "Battle for the Pridelands", Jasiri helps out the Pridelanders in the final battle against Scar. Later, she is also worried about Kion when she sees his scar. Kion agreed that Jasiri would do a great job keeping the Outlanders in line, after Scar got defeated. In Return to the Pride LandsKion was glad when Jasiri and Janja had told him and the Lion Guard of Zira's return. He was also happy that Jasiri was helping Janja follow the Circle of Life. In the Pridelands, Kion thanked Jasiri for all the help she had given to the Pridelanders and the two of them nuzzle, this indicates that Kion considers Jasiri as part of his family.


The-hyena-resistance (271)
At first in Lions of the Outlands Madoa thought that Jasiri was kidding when she said that she was friends with a lion. After getting back their Watering Hole from the Outsiders she befriends him. In Rescue in the Outlands, when she sees Jasiri and the cubs in danger, Madoa comes seeking his help in rescuing her.

Wema and Tunu

Lions-of-the-outlands (586)
Kion seems to have a good relationship with the two little cubs. At first, the cubs were scared of him due to their water supply being stolen by other lions, but after being saved by him and The Lion Guard, the two hyena cubs became friends with Kion, thanking him and the rest of the Guard for saving them.


Pridelandersunite (208)
Kion and Makuu started off as enemies ever since baby Kion and baby Bunga came to his waterhole uninvited. When Kion became the leader of the Lion Guard, his respect towards the circle of life clashed with Makuu's selfishness and belief that crocodiles are too good for the circle of life.

However, during the Dry Season, Makuu reformed and became a good leader. Now, he and Kion are on good terms and Makuu trusts Kion's judgment. In "Pridelanders Unite", Kion scolds Makuu for intimidating his fellow Pridelanders, but then uses his Roar to save Makuu's watering hole. He also thanks Makuu for helping to train the Pridelanders to fight against Scar's army.

In Season 3, in "Battle for the Pridelands", Makuu is shown participating in the battle against Scar's army. Later, both Makuu and Kion believe that the Pridelanders should give Janja's clan a chance. At the end of "Battle for the Pridelands", Makuu appears, watching Kion and his friends, as they leave the Pridelands.   


Babysitter-bunga (177)
In the beginning, Muhimu had little faith in Kion, as seen during the migration.

But when the young leader starts to show his best efforts, Muhimu softens and begins to understand Kion. Even offering him her support when the other animals lose their own faith in the cub after she accidentally blocks off the path to Mbali Fields by causing a minor stampede in excitement and promises to make the journey easier, not harder.

Since then, the two remain on good terms, with Muhimu now knowing she can always have faith in the cub.


Rescue-in-the-outlands (574)
Kion has saved Thurston's life on a number of occasions from many things such as hyenas, wildfires, and floods. Thurston at one time came with him, the rest of the Lion Guard, and Madoa to the Outlands to save Jasiri, Tunu and Wema from Janja's Clan. The zebra helped by distracting Cheezi and Chungu with his stupidity while the Guard deal with the rest of Janja's Clan.

Ma Tembo

The-rise-of-scar (173)
Kion has helped Ma Tembo and her herd on a number of occasions and has saved her from crocodiles, jackals, wildfires, and hyenas. They worked together on the Ukumbusho. She also sticks up for the cub when Zito or any other Pride Lander is being too harsh on him, proving she is a close friend to him.

They connect to each other very well, particularly as they are both new leaders.


Kulinda appears to be on good terms with Kion.


Undercover-kinyonga (568)
Kinyonga and Kion are shown to be friends. Although Kion worries about the safety of Kinyonga, she is only happy to assist him and becomes concerned when she "breaks" her promise of not scaring other animals by mistake. She praises Kion and the Lion Guard for learning the art of camouflage.


Nyuni appears to be on good terms with Kion, though he is not afraid to speak out against him.


Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (256)
Kion has saved and helped Bupu on certain occasions. Although Kion still sees him as somewhat stubborn, he knows that a well-timed 'please' can persuade the sable antelope into doing what he asks.


Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (442)
She and Kion appear to be on good terms, seeing as how she was able to listen to Kion in order to get to higher ground. No sooner when she and her son get lost, when they went through the unfinished Hippo Lanes, Kion takes action along with Ono to locate the pair. Kion soon hears her cries for help in the near distance and promptly rushes into the water to save her. Kion soon manages to save Boboka and leads her back to her son.


The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (140)
When the pair first met, Kion was less than impressed at Tamaa for using his skill to steal food from other animals and made him promise to cease that behavior. Although the drongo went back on his word briefly, Kion appreciated his help when he returned to assist the Guard, trusting the drongo from then on.

In "Divide and Conquer", Kion turned to Tamaa when he needed help. Tamaa feared he might be getting the wrong idea due to a large amount of donated food at his feet, but Kion already trusted Tamaa and knew that he wasn't going back on his word. When Tamaa is caught out by the jackals, Kion assures him that it wasn't his fault, and cares more about making sure that Tamaa is in a safe space for the rest of the battle.


The-kilio-valley-fire (598)
In "The Ukumbusho Tradition", Kion stood up to Zito when he was being harsh on Makini.

In "The Kilio Valley Fire", Zito took all his anger and irritation out on Kion and claimed it was his fault Kilio Valley had been destroyed. Zito had not trusted Kion (or any of the Lion Guard members) to find the elephants a new home. He also did not appreciate Kion's attempts to help, despite the cub's best efforts. 

However, Kion and Zito are still on good terms. At the end of "The Kilio Valley Fire", Zito helps the Lion Guard save the galagos's home. He also saved Kion from being crushed by a tree, despite the fact that he did not want to, at first. 


The-golden-zebra (200)
Kion went from trusting to weary and back to trusting with Dhahabu. She lost his initial trust when she delayed telling the Guard the truth about her watering hole but later earned it back by helping them finish their duty.

Kion respects Dhahabu as a leader and is always happy to help whenever she needs it, even lending her Fuli to keep her happy.

Raha and Starehe

Thequeensvisit (413)
Raha and Starehe are excited to meet Kion and the rest of the Lion Guard and show no fear towards them, despite them being outsiders to Raha. He is only too happy to help them out when they need it and views none of them as a threat. In The Queen's Visit Kion thinks that Raha and Starehe should be Queen Dhahabu's guard. 

Mtoto's Mom

The-ukumbusho-tradition (127)
Mtoto's mom has a great relationship with the leader of the Lion Guard. She trusts him as she does the rest of the Lion Guard.


Follow-that-hippo (373)
Kion seems to have a good relationship with Mtoto, even though Beshte is Mtoto's idol, he likes all the Lion Guard. In "Follow that Hippo", Kion enlists Beshte to escort the little elephant home, so he doesn't get hurt while the Lion Guard is training. 

Later, Kion witnesses Mtoto's attempts to stop the crocodiles and Janja's clan. Impressed by the calf's bravery, he gives Mtoto an honorary Mark of the Guard.

In "Beware the Zimwi", Kion assures Mtoto and his friends that there is no such thing as a Zimwi, when the kids are scared of Rafiki's story. In "The Savannah Summit", Mtoto helps Kion and the Guard patrol, by using his infrasound to listen out for suspicious activity.

In Season 3, in "Battle for the Pridelands", Mtoto is seen, at the start, helping Kion and the Lion Guard battle Janja's clan. At the end, an aged Mtoto is shown watching Kion and his friends make their departure from the Pridelands.


Kion appears to be on good terms with Zigo.


The-underground-adventure (259)

Calming down Tifu

Kion gets on well with Tiifu. In "Can't Wait to be Queen", he got frustrated because her and Zuri had allowed Kiara to meet Janja by herself. However, in "Fuli's New Family", Kion reveals that Tiifu and Zuri are like family. In "The Underground Adventure", when Tiifu says that she is afraid of the dark, Kion comforts her and explains that her friends will take care of her. Later on, Kion was proud of Tiifu for helping Thurston out.


Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (287)
Kion gets along with Zuri. However, he got frustrated with her and Tiifu in "Can't Wait to be Queen" because they allowed Kiara to meet Janja by herself. In "Fuli's New Family", Kion reveals that Tiifu and Zuri are like family. The two are on good terms as seen in "The Underground Adventure". In that episode, they comfort Tiifu and promise to take care of her. At the end, Kion and Zuri were proud of Tiifu for helping Thurston out. 


The-trouble-with-galagos (268)
Kion was the one, who agreed to teach Badili how to be fierce, so he could defeat Mapigano and even defended the leopard from him at first. When Badili's training was complete, Kion knows he can defeat Mapigano and when he does, he congratulated the leopard and said that all he had to do was be himself.


The-trouble-with-galagos (22)
Kion and Laini are good friends. Whenever something is wrong or Laini's scared of some animal she always hops on Kion's nose, trusting him to solve the problem.


Rescue-in-the-outlands (94)
Mbeya is good friends with the Leader of the Lion Guard. In "Rescue in the Outlands", when Tsetse Flies invade the Pride Lands and covered Mbeya, Kion and his Guard went to find a place for him to go get wet and get rid of the flies, earning further respect from Mbeya.


Kion and Ajabu are friends after Beshte introduced him to the Guard. He is the one who brings Ajabu to his parents, where he is granted permission to stay in the Pride Lands.


Kion and Mwenzi are allies. Kion along with the rest of the Guard try to get Mwenzi to get back with Kifaru and eventually succeed after Kifaru saves his life from Makuu's Float despite his poor eyesight. Kion and Mwenzi as far as known is on good terms.


Basi and Kion are shown to have a good relationship as he is on friendly terms and respects the young prince as Kion respects him.

Uroho, Mwevi, and Mwizi

Uroho and Kion became good friends. At first, Uroho and the other baboons were scared of him at first since he was the son of the king. Kion and his guard did chase them out of the Pridelands. After saving the baboons from Janja and his clan Uroho thanked Kion and Kion came up with an idea to help the animals get their food back.

Big Baboon

The-rise-of-scar (325)
Big Baboon and Kion are shown to have a great relationship. He and the guard have saved the baboons from a tree falling during a rainstorm in "Bunga the Wise". In "The Rise of Scar" The Lion Guard has saved the baboons from Janja's Clan by using Roar of the Elders.


The-underground-adventure (302)
Kion wasn't sure what to think of Kuchimba at first but warmed up to him quickly, especially when he agreed to help them get out of the cave. He wanted to ask for further directions, but Kuchimba left before he could do so.


The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (49)
Muhangus has faith in the entire Lion Guard but isn't afraid to speak up when frustrated. He turns to them when a crisis arises.

Kion was also the one who escorted Muhangus back to his den in "The Call of the Drongo", having heard Janja's voice. Muhangus trusted Kion to get to the bottom of the situation, much like he and his mate do in Too Many Termites.

Majinuni and Hafifu

The-lost-gorillas (459)
Kion becomes friends with the two gorilla brothers in "The Lost Gorillas". Kion at first saw them as somewhat childish and irresponsible, not really trusting them to deliver a message properly. After they save him from almost falling off a snowy cliff, Kion places his trust in them, giving them hope for their futures.


Hodari and Kion are good friends as he believes in Hodari's dream to become part of a crocodile float.

Male Turtle

Bunga-the-wise-hd (142)
Kion and the male turtle are on good terms after Kion helped him out when he was turned over.

Boboka's Son

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (372)
Kion appears to be on good terms with Boboka's Son after saving him in the Hippo Lanes


The-mbali-fields-migration (280)
At first, Swala didn't trust Kion since it took them a long time to get to Mbail Fields. However, during the storm, Kion saved Swala from drowning. The two become friends when they get home.

Male Bushbuck

Male Bushbuck was mildly annoyed at Kion and the Lion Guard for interrupting his feast, despite the cub trying to explain how they would make them sick. He showed distrust towards all but Bunga.


Kifaru and Kion are allies, Kion helped Kifaru get to Tamasha.

Male Eland

The-wisdom-of-kongwe (362)
Kion and Male Eland are good relationships in "Can't Wait to be Queen" since they tried to stop the elands before the bees get stung they got crashed and create into chaos. And in "The Wisdom of Kongwe" he helps him and his herd to escape from the fire at Poromoko Crevasse and Beshte create the bridge he thinks it's safe and cross to safety.


Beshte-and-the-beast (372)
Kion doesn't seem to mind too much about cleaning Shujaa's messes.


Kion seems to be on good terms with Hamu. In "The Mbali Fields Migration" Kion stayed back with Bunga when Muhimu was about to have Hamu. He also saved Hamu from Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu. 

Twiga And Juhudi

Kion seems to be on good terms with Twiga and her daughter. In "Divide and Conquer"
Divide-and-conquer (65)
Kion saved them from Janja's clan.

Male Crocodile

Timon-and-pumbaas-christmas (374) (1)
Male Crocodile and Kion first started out as enemies, with Male Crocodile taking an immediate dislike to the cub as an infant when he and Bunga entered his float's watering hole without being invited. As Kion grew, the two remained enemies at first, with Male Crocodile's belief that crocodiles were above the Circle of Life clashing severely with Kion's obedience towards the concept.


Kion and Kongwe are a good relationship. After they rescued a herd of Elands from fire, they meet Kongwe has decided to her to Pride Rock to figure out how to defeat Scar to save the Pride Lands.

Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha

Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha had a good relationship with Kion. Until the guard brought them back to their herds. The three friends didn't wanna go back but they knew that it was part of their role in the "Circle of Life." 

KambuniShauku, Gumba, and Kwato

Follow-that-hippo (374)
Kion and the little ones seem to be on good terms. All though Kion doesn't like it when they were pretending to be hyenas. After getting away from the hyenas Kion gives them Mark of the Guard

Vuruga Vuruga

Kion and Vuruga Vuruga seem to have a good relationship with the Leader of the Lion Guard.

Mjomba, Haya and Ogopa

At first, the aardwolves were scared of Kion because he thought they were hyenas and used the Roar on them by accident. He finds them in the Outlands and talks to Mjomba about going home to eat termites, which seems to calm them down.


Firefromthesky (343)
Kion and Hadithi are on good terms. Kion was surprised when he found out that his parents knew who Hadithi was. Kion even lets Ono hang out with Hadithi for a while. When Ono was in trouble, Hadithi asked the Lion Guard to follow him, and Kion trusted him even then. Kion is happy to ask Hadithi for help when needed and trusts him to get the job done alongside Ono (and Anga).


Kion and Anga are on good terms, even though Kion was at first confused by Anga'
Battle for the pride lands (851)
s actions. Anga helps the Guard fight the vultures and appears to enjoy working with Kion and his team. Kion even made Anga the new Keenest of Sight.

When Kion was doubting himself and his abilities to lead the Guard, Anga helped Kion by bringing up the time when Kion, Bunga, Fuli, and Beshte were all very young and how Kion led them in stopping a young Janja, Chungu, and Cheezi from stealing an egg (from which Ono hatched), telling Kion that the Roar was not what made him a leader, but that he had always been a leader.


Janja was Kion's arch-nemesis, before Scar returned, as Kion had been taught, by Simba, not to trust hyenas. Initially, Janja showed no fear of Kion or anyone in the Lion Guard, as he told Kion and 
Battle for the pride lands (703)
his friends to back off before he and his clan hurt them in "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar". However, after many encounters with Kion's legendary Roar of the Elders, Janja grew fearful of the cub and his friends, over time.

As of the episode "Eye of the Beholder", Janja had run away from Kion several times. However, Janja will taunt Kion when he's got numbers on his side. In the episode "The Rise of Scar", Janja was more than happy to use Scar's knowledge to beat The Lion Guard, showing his deep hatred for Kion and the Lion Guard. However, in "Battle for the Pridelands", when Kion and his friends became teenagers, Janja grew tired of having to fight the cub.   

Later in "Battle for the Pride Lands", Janja decides to quit Scar's army after Scar had betrayed him and his clan during the final battle. In that same epsiode, Janja and Kion become friends with each other after the Lion Guard saves the rest of Janja's clan from a fire at Priderock. Janja also offers Kion knowledge on how to beat Scar and assists the Pridelanders in the final battle with Scar. In "Journey to the Pridelands", Janja and Jasiri both run to the Tree to Life to inform the Lion Guard of Zira's return.

In the series finale, Janja appears as a guest at Kion and Rani's wedding, showing that he had become a close friend of Kion's. 

The episode "The Lake of Reflection" reveals that Kion and Janja have being enemies since they were infants.  


The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (226)
Cheezi joins his leader Janja and the other members of their clan in hunting the animals of the Pride Lands, but he is always stopped by Kion and the Lion Guard. 

On one occasion, he and Chungu fled into the Pride Lands after being kicked out from the clan, but eventually are allowed back in by Janja.

Kion still treats Cheezi like he would do any member of the clan - with caution.

In Battle for the Pride Lands Kion simply becomes friends with Cheezi after he helps the guard defeat Scar. 


Divide-and-conquer (49)
Chungu joins his leader Janja and the other members of their clan in hunting the animals of the Pride Lands, but he is always stopped by Kion and the Lion Guard.

On one occasion, he and Cheezi fled into the Pride Lands after being kicked out from the clan, but eventually are allowed back in by Janja.

Kion still treats Chungu like he would do any member of the clan - with caution.

In "Battle for the Pride Lands" Kion simply becomes friends with Chungu after he helps the guard defeat Scar.


Rescue-in-the-outlands (515)
Nne joins his leader Janja and the other members of their clan in hunting the animals of the Pride Lands, which has caused Kion to resent the hyena.

At one stage during Janja's New Crew, Nne showed little fear towards Kion. However, Kion made certain that Nne knew his place, using the Roar to defeat him. Kion still treats Nne like he would do any member of the clan - with caution.

In Battle for the Pride Lands Kion simply becomes friends with Nne after he helps the guard defeat Scar.


Janjas-new-crew (448)
Tano joins his leader Janja and the other members of their clan in hunting the animals of the Pride Lands, which has caused Kion to resent the hyena.

At one stage during Janja's New Crew, Tano appeared to have lost his fear of the cub. However, Kion made certain that Tano knew his place, using the Roar to defeat him. Kion still treats Tano like he would do any member of the clan - with caution.

In Battle for the Pride Lands Kion simply becomes friends with Tano after he helps the guard defeat Scar.


Lumba-Lumba and Kion are good friends. He along with the rest of the guard saves her from Ora.

Yuki's Troop

Kion and Yuki's Troops are good friends. Kion helps find them a new home when he wrecks their old home.

Domog's Group 

Kion and Domog's group are good friends. Kion lets Bunga the "Chosen One" fight the ghost. 


Kion and Tupp are good friends. He did scare him at first but he says sorry and Tupp shows the guard the water they need.


Nirmala initially mistook Kion and the Lion Guard as a threat until the misunderstanding
Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.16.15 PM
was cleared up and at Queen Janna's request, Nirmala began healing sessions with Kion to help him overcome the venom of Ushari. More than once, Kion's impatience and frustration slowed the sessions until he began to see the lessons in Nirmala's healing sessions regarding patience and self-reflection.

Kion came to respect Nirmala, grateful to her for helping him overcome his condition and accept that his scar didn't make him who he is.


Mzingo hates Kion because he is a leader of the Lion Guard. Mzingo becomes part of Scar's army. After the guard goes into the Outlands to get a cure of Simba. Mzingo helps trap the Lion Guard. However, Mzingo fully reformed in "Return to the Pride Lands", and though they may not be close friends, they work together as a plan to fight Zira, only to find out that she is deceased.


Kion and Mwoga are shown to have a hate relationship just like Mzingo. Mwoga always tries to attack a member of the guard or a Pridelander. Kion used the roar on him so many times. However, Mwoga fully reformed in "Return to the Pride Lands", and though they may not be close friends, they work together as a plan to fight Zira, only to find out that she is deceased.

Male Vulture

Kion and Male Vulture are shown to have a hate relationship just like Mzingo. Male Vulture always tries to attack a member of the guard or a Pridelander. Kion used the roar on him so many times. However, Male Vulture fully reformed in "Return to the Pride Lands", and though they may not be close friends, they work together as a plan to fight Zira, only to find out that she is deceased.

Yun Mibu

At first Kion didn't like Yun Mibu because he got mad at Beshte for making new
Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 11.34.05 AM
friends. He even growled at Yun Mibu which made him scared and ran away. Later when Kion was hanging on a tree Yun Mibu helped him. Kion promised him that he will never growl at Yun Mibu again. 

Kitendo And Fikiri

Kion and Makini's parents are on good terms. They both come to he and Rani's wedding at the Tree of Life.


Kion and Pinguino are on good terms. Pinguino comes to his coronation.


Ullu and Kion are on good terms. Ullu warned Kion and his friends when Makucha's Army was around. 


In "The Race to Tuliza" Azaad helped bring the tuliza to Kion along with Fuli. In
Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.12.30 PM
"Journey to the Pride Lands" shows Azaad helping Kion and the Lion Guard the fastest way to the Pride Lands.



Lions-of-the-outlands (276)
Although never being told that Zira is evil, after Jasiri says lions have taken over her watering hole, he tries to resolve the matter. He fails to reason with Zira, who tries to manipulate Kion and traps him. In doing so, she reveals her true evil intentions and even manipulates him into believing he can't use his roar against them. She also went as far as trying to kill Kion if he refused to join her pride, showing she is very violent.

She also despises hyenas and his Guard, which she calls pathetic for only having one lion and also hates Kion's kin greatly.

They also share different views on how lions should act.


Lions-of-the-outlands (107)
Although never being told about Nuka, after Jasiri says lions have taken over her watering hole, he goes to resolve the matter only to be ambushed by Nuka, who attacks Jasiri who he attacks back and demands he let him go after Kovu shows up, showing great disgust at Kion for siding with a hyena showing he hates them.

He despises Kion for attacking him, and for not siding with his pride and shows great happiness when he thinks Kion is powerless for not being able to use his roar, running up to avenge himself only to be attacked by him again, showing that no matter what, he will always fight his enemies.

Nuka is cowardly, as seen when he admits he is scared when they were losing the fight and when he refuses to "play nice" with Jasiri and does not want to give back her watering hole showing his evil side which is the complete opposite of Kion.


Lions-of-the-outlands (439)
Although never being told about Lioness, Kion realizes she is evil after failing to reason with Zira, and when she and the rest of the Pride trap him. Later, when he states that Scar was never the true king, Lioness becomes highly offended, causing her and the others to nearly attacking him.

Later, when Kion attempts to escape, he hurts her while trying to do so, but she stops him before he can leave and later almost kills him, until his friends come to his rescue and is later blasted away by Kion (now knowing he can use his roar against her) into what Zira calls their new home.


The-kupatana-celebration-hd (440)
After her son was allowed to stay in the Pride Lands, Reirei lied to Kion and his Guard, saying they were nice and friendly, and that their evil actions were only misunderstandings so they could attack the animals during Kupatana and eat as much as they could. However, their plans of feasting were ruined by the Lion Guard and were then exiled by Simba.

Since then, Kion knows not to fall for Reirei's "misunderstandings" and attack as soon as he sees her in his home and the same goes for Reirei, showing that the two mammals hate each other greatly and despite being defeated multiple times, Reirei and her pack keep trying to enter the Pride Lands and eat as much as they can much to the dismay of the Kion and others.

She and Kion are complete opposites with Reirei being devious, evil, and manipulative and as of now, she won't give up, no matter what Kion does to her.


The-zebra-mastermind (357)
After his son was allowed to stay in the Pride Lands, Goigoi lied to Kion and his guard saying they were nice and friendly, and that their evil actions were only misunderstandings so they could attack the animals during Kupatana and eat as much as they could. However, their plans of feasting were ruined by the Lion Guard and were then exiled by Simba.

Since then, Kion knows not to fall for Goigoi's "misunderstandings" and attack as soon as he sees him in his home and the same goes for Goigoi, showing that the two mammals hate each other greatly and despite being defeated multiple times, Goigoi and his pack keep trying to enter the Pride Lands and eat as much as they can much to the dismay of the Kion and others.

He and Kion are complete opposites with Goigoi being devious, evil, and manipulative and as of now, he won't give up, no matter what Kion does to him.


The-kupatana-celebration-hd (141)
After Kion "saved" Dogo from Janja's Clan, the young jackal feigned friendship with the lion to allow him and his family access into the Pride Lands. After gaining Kion's trust, the rest of Dogo's family moved into the Pride Lands which put a strain on his 'friendship' with Kion, especially when it became apparent that Dogo liked to exaggerate his own words. After invading Kupatana, Kion withdrew his friendship with Dogo, and the two remain enemies to this day.


Kion and Kijana have been enemies ever since she tried to eat Hamu

Dogo's Siblings

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (204)
When Kion first meets the pups he lets them all into the Pridelands. When they attack The Kupatana Celebration the Lion Guard stops them.


The-bite-of-kenge (232)
The two hate each other greatly, and in Kion's case it's for Kenge trying to steal the elephant's melons and for biting him and the rest of the guard, but eventually recovers from his attack and is able to blast him back into the Outlands.


The-kilio-valley-fire (123)
Kiburi has come to detest Kion, who has almost always ruined his plans to rule the Pride Lands in some way. After leaving the Pride Lands, Kiburi's hatred towards Kion and his Guard have deepened.

Since Kion is very confrontational, Kiburi finds it difficult to get past the cub. He is also aware of Kion's power and will do his best to avoid coming into contact with it but still wishes for revenge.


The-zebra-mastermind (428)
When Tamka tries to take down Simba during the Mashindano, Kion is there to protect his father by defeating Tamka before he can complete the plan.

Kion has since seen Tamka as an enemy, engaging in battle with him when necessary.


The-hyena-resistance (16)
When Nduli tries to take down Simba during the Mashindano, Kion is there to protect his father along with the rest of the Lion Guard. Kion has since seen Nduli as an enemy.


Battle for the pride lands (682)

Despite Kion's best efforts, Ushari was frequently disturbed by his Lion Guard, usually without apology. As a result, Ushari has grown to hate the entire Guard and eventually turned on them.

Kion was unaware just how deeply Ushari had been hurt until he revealed his allegiance with Scar in "The Scorpion's Sting".

At Scar's direction, Ushari bit Kion, giving him a scar of his own along with the cobra's venom that would cause Kion pain, discomfort, and potentially corruption. When Kion defeated Scar, Ushari vengefully attacked Kion again, only to be knocked into the volcano's lava by Bunga.


Mapigano feigns friendliness when Kion appears, not wishing to engage in a fight with a group he knows he'll lose against.


Makucha and Kion are both leaders and enemies, who hate each other greatly.

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 11.50.56 AM
The two are complete opposites and, when they both meet, they quickly engaged into battle with Makucha, refusing to let Kion and the Guard pass at all unless he is defeated. Makucha refuses to listen to his orders in any situation and rejects any possible peace treaties during difficult times.

In The Harmattan Makucha accidentally saves Kion from a rock that was about to fall on him. He then decides to follow the Guard to the Tree of Life


Shupavu hates Kion since he is the leader of the Lion Guard. In The Scorpion's Sting, she works with the rest of the Army to try to get rid of the Lion Guard and kill Kion's father Simba. In Undercover Kinyonga she tries to go after Kinyonga when she found out that she was spying on Scar. However, Kion's Lion Guard comes to stop the skinks.


Kion is an enemy of Njano.


Kion is an enemy of Nyeusi.


Kion is an enemy of Nyata.


Kion is an enemy of Waza.


Kion and Mpishi are enemies and she tries to get a delicious meal in the Pride Lands. She first goes Pim but the Guard comes and stops her. She soon sees hares almost being trapped in a mudslide. Mpishi tries to get one thinking no one will see it missing until the guard shows up again. Later she goes after Kulinda's baby, Ona, but the Guard stops her a third time. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.16.44 AM

Chuluun and Kion are enemies. She tries to eat Domog's Pack but Kion helps Bunga the "Chosen One" fight her.


Ora hates Kion since he used the Roar of the Elders on him and ruined his lunch multiple times.

Mama Binturong

Kion hates Mama Binturong since he learned from Ono that she was pretending to be an animal in need as a plan for the predators to ambush the Tree of Life. He has since driven her away.

Jiona And Fahari

Kion hates Jiona and Fahari since they both work for Makucha. In "The Harmattan" Makucha's Leap "helped" the Lion Guard out of their territory. Makucha overheard that they were heading to the Tree of Life. Makucha planned to get rid of the guard and kidnapped Makini. The guard fights the leopards and lose them. In "Triumph of the Roar" Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blast Makucha's Leap far away from the Tree of Life.


Kion hates Smun since he worked with Makucha's Army. However, Kion has since driven him away.


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