Friends, Allies & Acquaintances

Heng Heng

Lake-of-Reflection (260)
At first, Kely didn't really like Heng Heng because she was stealing the bamboo he and his friends were going to eat. After a compromise, Kely and Heng Heng become good friends.


Kely and Rani are good friends. Rani helps Kely with a bamboo problem. 

The Lion Guard

Kely is good friends with all the members of the Guard.


Little-Old-Ginterbong (329)
Kely and Binga are on good terms. Kely gets lifted up on a rock by Binga.'


Makucha's Army

Triumph-of-the-Roar (617)
Kely is scared of Makucha's Army they attacked him in "Triumph of the Roar."
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