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Well it's just that Kely and and all his friends were hogging the best bamboo stand.

–Heng Heng, The Lake of Reflection

Kely's Troop is a group of lemurs. They are led by Kely.


The River of Patience

Kely's Troop is seen during the song Welcome to the Tree of Life.

Little Old Ginterbong

Kely's Troop is seen during the song Who is Better Than Who being lifted up on a rock by Binga.

The Lake of Reflection

Kely's Troop has a fight with Heng Heng about the bamboo supply. They go to Rani

Meeting the Lion Guard

and she figures things out.

Triumph of the Roar

Kely's Troop is seen being chased by Makucha's Army.

Named Members


Main article: Kely

Kely is the leader of his troop and friend of Heng Heng.

Unnamed Members

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