Journey of Memories is the is the sixty-second episode of The Lion Guard and the eighth episode of Season 3.


The Lion Guard must rely on Makini's memories of her first visit to the Tree of Life with her parents to venture across a vast desert and continue on their journey.[1]


Makini is seen activating a moja kwa moja stone, indicating the Lion Guard is still on the right road to the Tree of LifeBunga, however, wonders why the stone has a painting of a river, when he doesn't see any, as the Guard is shown to be standing next to a
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Finding the next moja kwa moja stone

dried up river. Ono explains that, while the river might have been big at some point, landscapes change over time or with the seasons. Ono then remembers the next landmark: a pool of water with rocks around it. As Anga leaves to find it, Makini recalls the river from her first trip to the Tree of Life with her parents, Kitendo and Fikiri, as a child.
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A flash back of Makini and her parents playing in water

Beshte asks Makini if Rafiki had been her at the river before, though she explains that her parents had been taking her to the Tree of Life to meet Rafiki. Makini then flashes back to her past as she remembers the fun times she had playing with her parents in the river when it had been full. While Kitendo appears to be curious and fun-loving, Fikiri is shown to be wise, telling her family to "test the water before diving in". However, she also notes that when you want to take a bath, "you shouldn't be afraid to get cold". Kitendo grabs Makini jump into the river with him, claiming his way is much more fun.

Reliving her past, Makini comes back to the present after splashing Fuli with water. As Bunga jumps into the waters, Makini repeats her mom's saying of testing the water. When Bunga asks where's the fun in that, Makini laughs, noting he sounds like her dad. Anga then returns to the Guard, having spotted a rocky pool with small boulders around it matching Ono's description, though she notes the pool has also dried up like the river. Makini suddenly remembers a nearby waterfall, though it is the opposite way from the pool. Makini begs Kion to go, who agrees saying a little detour wouldn't hurt. 

Upon arriving, however, it revealed that the water has dried up as well. Makini then spots a nearby painting depicting a waterfall, recognizing it as Rafiki's. Believing it to be a moja kwa moja stone, Makini activates it, though it doesn't turn out to be one. With nothing left to see, the Guard start heading to the landmark. At that point, Makini recalls a rock with a hole big enough to stick your arm through. However, the rock she finds is covered with dirt and without a hole. As the Guard moves on, Bunga kicks the rock in anger before leaving, which then reveals the hole that Makini had spoken about.

Soon after, Makini takes them to a mountain, claiming it looks like a monkey's face. Once again, the Guard doesn't see anything and they move on, at which point sunlight shines over the mountain, revealing the face. Finally arriving at the pool, Makini activates the moja kwa moja stone. Ono remembers the next landmark: four white flowers in the shape of a diamond amidst a field of smaller flowers. As Anga leaves to find it, Makini begins to remember another stop when the Guard shouts "NO!" at her to stop her, no longer willing to take any more detours, much to Makini's disappointment.

Besthe comforts Makini, saying her detours are fun, cheering her up. Makini then  remembers the pool to be where her parents had told her she might be a Royal Mjuzi. Flashing back to the past, Makini remembers running the opposite way to the Tree of Life as Kitendo chases after her. After catching up, Fikiri tells Makini that Rafiki wants to meet her, since believes that she might grow up to be a Royal Mjuzi like him, though noting that only the Voices from the Past at the Tree of Life will let Rafiki know for sure. However, Makini's parents promise to always be with her, no matter what.

Makini returns to the present as Anga informs Kion she didn't find the white flowers, only finding a desert straight ahead. Makini excitedly remembers the desert, saying they have to cross it and head towards the cliffs. Though doubtful of Makini's memory after the string of failed detours, Kion agrees to let Makini guide them, noting her to be the only one of the group has actually been to the Tree of Life. While crossing the desert, Ono suddenly realizes that Beshte is getting weaker after getting sunburned. After Anga flies over Beshte, Kion asks her to keep flying over him, using her shade cool him off.

After a while of apparently aimless traveling, Kion asks Makini if she is sure of where they are going. As Makini confirms the road, Kion asks the smaller members of the Guard to stop riding on Beshte's back before getting attacked by a sand storm. After the storm passes, the Guard discovers the sand to make a loud noise every time they step on it, causing Ono to realize they are standing on a booming sand dune. As Bunga begins playing with the booming sand dune, Makini excitedly begins jumping over it as well, remembering all the fun times she spent with her parents there.

Whilst jumping, Makini accidentally throws sand on Kion's face, triggering his scar. Now angry, Kion accuses Makini of having taken them out to the desert just to have fun, something that she fearfully denies. After defending Makini, Fuli suggests giving Kion some Tuliza, who lashes out saying he doesn't need it. Kion soon calms down, though, apologizing to Makini for having yelled at her. Bunga then resumes jumping on the sand dune, much to everyone's annoyance. Soon after, though, a jerboa emerges from the sand dune, angry for having been woken from his sleep due to all the noise.

After calling out the Guard for travelling the desert during the day, finding the idea foolish, he accidentally kicks sand in Kion's face, who snarls at the jerboa, scaring him away. Regretting his actions, and feeling the desert to not be working out, Kion decides to follow their footprints back to the last moja kwa moja stone to start over. However, another sand storm attacks them, burying their footprints, scattering their scent all over, and shifting the sand dunes. As Ono explains how sand dunes shift in the wind, Kion angrily interrupts him as he realizes they are truly lost, turning to growl at the Guard.

Makini offers tuliza to a scowling Kion, who tries eating it before spitting it out in disgust, since the tuliza has been covered with sand from the storm. Kion goes over their options, pointing out how they can't stay in the sun, especially Beshte. Suddenly, Ono then recalls the jerboa's advice, realizing they can shelter during the day by digging a burrow on the sand. Later on, Makini is shown watching the sunset while the rest of the Guard sleep at the burrow. Drawing Fikiri on the ground, Makini wishes she could run back to the Pride Lands and ask for her help, feeling unsure of herself.

Wondering what her mom would say to her, Makini flashes back to her past, recalling when Fikiri first told her how "As you move forward, don't forget to look back", encouraging her to learn from the past. After coming across the booming sand dune, the family is shown continuing their journey before arriving at the Tree of Life, where Makini meets Rafiki for the first time. In the present, Makini tells Beshte she feels she has been letting Kion down by recalling the wrong things. Beshte encourages her to  stop beating herself up over her past mistakes, since they know she is doing her best.

The rest of the Guard come up to them, with Kion agreeing with what Besthe said. Seeing it'ts night now, Kion begins wondering where to go before hearing a noise from the sand dune, realizing someone is coming. However, it turns out to be the jerboa from before, who panics upon seeing Kion. Kion quickly apologizes for having scared him before presenting himself and the Lion Guard. Forgiving him, the jerboa presents himself as Tupp, who also apologizes for his earlier rudeness. Seeing the Guard took his advice but look thirsty, Tupp tells them to follow him as he takes them to water.

Tupp leads them to a flower, drawing puzzled looks from the Guard before revealing that the leaves collect water. The Guard take turns drinking the water while Makini cleans the sand from the tuliza. Anga asks Tupp how he found the plant despite the desert constantly changing, who explains that desert animals use the stars to guide them. Makini marvels at the beauty of the sky, comparing it to a field of flowers. Suddenly, Makini sees the landmark of four white flowers in the shape of the diamond in the sky, with Ono realizing that the flowers from the map are actually stars.

Tupp says those four stars are always in the same place in the sky, leading across the desert to the tall cliffs. Anga quickly spots the cliffs up ahead, along with the next moja kwa moja stone at the top. Realizing Makini had been right all along, Kion apologizes for not having believed her before thanking Tupp for his help, saying they can find their own way from there. Now nearing the cliffs, Makini rambles on about a detour on their way back to the Pride Lands, where she can see her parents and tell them about their trip. Beshte remarks that it sounds poa as the Lion Guard continues on their journey.



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