Season 1

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

"Yep! I'm a hyena, all right. You lions are sooo clever. [Laughs] Especially you, Kion, leader of the Lion Guard."

"Like Janja, Cheezi, andChungu? Well, obviously, I'm not like them. For one thing, they're males, which means they're foolish. No offense."

"You think I don't know about the Circle of Life?"

"So move! Or do I have to move you myself?"

"I never thought a lion would help a hyena."

Lions of the Outlands

"That's true. It did take a while for us to trust each other."

"Oh, don't mind me. I just want my watering hole back!"

"Don't worry, Green Eyes. Any game your brother wants to play, I can play better!"

"Ugh! I knew it! I should have never believed her!"

"Me too. I'm glad to have all of you as friends."

Season 2

Rescue in the Outlands

"Too bad. Now you're in my territory. But you're welcome to pass through if you'd like."

"I did. And now we can all look for Madoa. You ready?"

"Back so soon, Janja? I already told you, this is my turf now."

"Look again, Janja. You really want to fight all of us by yourself?"

"It's weird. I know Janja was trying to win back his turf, but this was more than that. He was really out to get me."

The Hyena Resistance

"Scared ya?"

"Actually, it's how good hyenas get things done."

"Looks like the Hyena Resistance is a success."

"I'd help any hyena, Janja. Sisi ni sawa."

"Home is home. Besides, Scar can't do anything to us if he can't find us!"

Season 3

Battle for the Pride Lands

"We can help too, Your Majesty. My hyenas know the Outlands better than anyone."

"I never thought I'd hear you say that."

"I know it sounds odd. But I think you should hear what Janja has to say."

”Kion, your face.“

"Outlanders I know we can all get along here in the Outlands. Just so long as we respect the Circle of Life."

Journey to the Pride Lands

"It's Zira. She and her evil lions are back."

"You've saved my family and home more than once. Just returning the favor."               

"Don't tell me you're scared."

"Janja, you're one of the good guys now. Come on." 

Return to the Pride Lands

"Mzingo.  Kion needs our help to ensure peace in the Pride Lands. Would you and the vultures join us?"

"But if Kovu is at Pride Rock it means..."

"It's Zira's daughter, Vitani and her lionesses."

"Anytime, Kion. If you ever need help, you know where to find us."

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