I know you will.

–Queen Janna’s final words to Rani before she dies of old age

Janna was a lioness and is the former Queen of the Tree of Life. She was the grandmother of Rani and Baliyo and the mother of Sãhasí and Surak.


Janna has light-brown fur. Her eye rims, muzzle, paws and stomach fur is a mix of light-cream and gray. The inner of her ears are light-pink and her ear rims light-brown. Her eyes are green while her eyebrows are light-brown. Her nose is dark-pink. She has three big, dark-brown spots on her right shoulder and four as well on her rear hind leg, along with two beneath her eyes. The tip of her tail tuft is dark-brown. As she was the Queen of the Tree of Life, she wore blue paint on her forehead to symbolize her leadership.


She was very helpful to Kion and all other animals and she believed anyone can be healed. When Rani told her about the lion with a powerful roar Janna was very happy about it, because she realized that the Roar of the Elders had returned to the Tree of Life. She trusted Rani and the Night Pride very much and believed that Rani would be a very good queen, despite her granddaughter's doubt in herself, assuring Rani that she had everything and everyone she needed to be a good queen.

Janna was wise, compassionate, and was much beloved by all the animals of the Tree of Life, as many of them shed tears and mourned her passing away. She looked past superficial things like physical appearances and different circumstances and saw the virtues in others. She knew that in the heart, where it really counts, all animals are the same, reciting Sisi ni sawa to Rani, when she told her about Kion.


Journey of Memories

In a flashback, a younger Janna, along with Rafiki, is seen waiting for M

Janna and Rafiki about to meet Makini

akini and her parents at the Tree of Life to confirm, that Makini will become a Royal Mjuzi.

The Tree of Life

Queen Janna was sleeping in the Tree of Life, until her granddaughter, Rani came to tell her about some strange visitors which came to the Tree of Life and that she and the Night Pride fought off. The elderly queen praised her team for a job well done. She was also informed by R

Queen Janna tells Rani about the Roar of the Elders

ani that the visitors were led by a lion with a scar and possessed a powerful roar that sent her brother flying. Upon hearing that, Janna claimed that the Roar had finally returned.

She convinces Rani that the Roar is a good thing, but her granddaughter was still skeptical. Then Janna said that we all have our scars, but deep down we're the same. Even though Rani was still unsure about what Queen Janna had said to her she trusted her grandmother, believing that everything would be clear soon to her and to welcome those new visitors.

The River of Patience

Queen Janna meets the Guard and quickly figures out that Kion and his friends are from the Pride Lands and that Rafiki has sent them. She understands that Kion and Ono came

Meeting the Lion Guard

to be healed and called for Nirmala. After she examined the two, Queen Janna informed them that they can be healed but it will take time. Meanwhile, she tells Rani to show the others around but when the young leader was unsure, the queen assured her that her brother can handle everything while she has her granddaughter take care of the duties she can not.

After the rest of the Guard leaves, she calls for Makini, whom she is happy to see again and offers to help finish her training, to which the young mandrill happily agrees.

She shows Makini a painting of Askari the first Lion Guard leader using the Roar of the Elders for the first time, also remarking its been a long time since she's had a Royal Mjuzi, Janna gifts Makini with the Bakora Staff of her former Mjuzi. At that point, Kion and Rani show up in the chamber, Rani angrily accuses Kion of leading an army of predators to the Tree of Life, believing they should never be allowed him to enter it. Remorseful, Kion apologizes for the trouble he has caused as the Queen notes the

Janna hears about the predators

predators won't leave now that they've found the Tree of Life.

When Kion offers to let the Guard help, Rani loses her temper, yelling that they can handle it. Janna firmly reprimands Rani, who immediately calms down and apologizes. While Janna appreciates Kion's offer, she agrees with Rani that it's the job of the Night Pride to deal with threats to the Tree of Life, telling Kion he must help himself before he can help others. She advises him to continue his healing, pointing its the reason he came in the first place.

Little Old Ginterbong

Janna heals Ono

Mama Binturong tricks the Night Pride by pretending to be an animal in need who has been attacked by Makucha and his army. The Night Pride brings her to Queen Janna, who accepts her for healing. Not wanting to give herself away, Mama Binturong introduces herself as a "Granny Ginterbong." She asks for a tour of the land, but Janna explains that the Night Pride rests during the daytime and she no longer has the strength to leave the Tree.

Queen Janna finally heals Ono's eyes. Ono is pleased to have his eyesight back and thanks to her. He realizes that she was correct about his eyes before; he will not see as well as he used to be, but at least has some eyesight remaining. Meanwhile, "Granny Ginterbong" discovers that Janna is too old and weak to leave the Tree of Life, to which Makucha and his cohorts use to their advantage. They attempt to kill the queen, but Ono's keen insight leads the Lion Guard to the villains where they are driven out and Mama Binturong is exposed for her deception.

Long Live the Queen

As she lies dying, Queen Janna calls for her family and the whole Night Pride as well as Kion. To him, she says tha

Janna completes her journey through the Circle of Life

t she is happy to have seen the Roar return and dons him with the Mark of the Night Pride if he chooses to stay. She says her final words to her family before passing on with confidence that Rani will make a great queen. Her funeral is later held at the willows, where every animal places flowers on her corpse, speaks farewell words and the children are

The funeral

comforted by their mothers. After Rani becomes the queen, she walks past her grave believing she is ready to be queen while the clouds part away, and a bright ray of moonlight shines down upon her.

The Lake of Reflection

Rani mentions her grandmother when she tells Fuli to trust Nirmala.

Triumph of the Roar

Rani mentions her grandmother when she tells Kion she now knows why she was happy to hear the Roar had returned.

Journey to the Pride Lands

Azaad mentions Queen Janna when he said that she healed him after an unexpected fall. He also stated that he will be missing her.

Return to the Pride Lands

When Rafiki learns that Makini has not returned along with the Lion Guard, he later rejoices, saying that Queen Janna was right to believe that Makini's destiny would lie at the Tree of Life. In the final scene, during Long Live the King, she appears as a spirit with Askari

Looking down from above

and Mufasa as Kion becomes Queen Rani's mate and ruler of the Tree of Life with her, returning the Roar of the Elders to its birth-place at the Tree of Life and completing the Circle of Life.



  • Her name means paradise in Arabic.
  • Janna died of old age in Long Live the Queen. This makes her the second character to die in The Lion Guard, following Ushari.
    • This also makes her the second character to die in any Disney Junior show.
    • Unlike Ushari's death, her death was a peaceful and a very moving, sad one, because she was loved by many. This contrasted to Ushari's death, which was more violent, full of hate and rage, making it very gruesome.
    • Also, she died on-screen while Ushari died off-screen.
  • This also makes her the eighth deceased character in the series following Mufasa, Scar, Aminifu, Askari, Ushari, Sãhasí, and Ãnanda.
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