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Janjas-new-crew (51)
When Cheezi and Chungu fall on Janja, his pupils are briefly missing.
When Chungu exclaims, "Oh look, antelope!", his lips do not form the word "antelope"; he appears to be mouthing the word "gazelles" rather than "antelope".
Janjas-new-crew (84)
Just before the mud slide, Beshte is missing his Mark of the Guard. He also has a notch in his right ear during this scene.
Janjas-new-crew (119)
As Janja listens to his new crew's plan, his ear notch is on the wrong side.
Janjas-new-crew (236)
When Bunga pulls Cheezi out of the mud, Cheezi's tail becomes detached from his body.
Janjas-new-crew (271)
In once scene as Cheezi and Chungu speak to the Lion Guard, Ono’s Mark of the Guard is on the wrong side.
Janjas-new-crew (298)
At one point, as Bunga looks up at Ono, his Mark of the Guard is missing. 
Janjas-new-crew (310)
As Janja skids to a halt, one of his spots overlaps with his ear. 
Janjas-new-crew (413)
As the Lion Guard looks down at Janja in one scene, Bunga’s Mark of the Guard is missing. Additionally, some of the spots above Fuli’s underbelly are present above the spots on her hind leg.
When Ono flies up to check for the other hyenas, his Mark of the Guard is shown on the wrong side.
Janjas-new-crew (419)
When Ono locates Nne and Tano, his wings are inverted at different points.
Janjas-new-crew (454)
Before Kion uses the Roar of the Elders, his sclerae turns white.
Janjas-new-crew (456)
Though Kion is behind the Lion Guard, none are affected by his Roar of the Elders, despite the force of it blasting Nne and Tano backwards.
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