Hippo Springs is a comic based on The Lion Guard that is featured in issue 5 of The Lion Guard Magazine.

There are two character quests for the reader to choose from and both lead to the same outcome. They can be considered the same path.


The Lion Guard are visiting Big Springs, where they meet up with Basi's Pod. They explain that their watering hole has dried up suddenly, and Beshte exclaims that it's a disaster if they can't get it back for his family. Bunga says that Beshte's life must be boring, and that he hates the water. After sniffing him, Fuli tells him that they can tell.

The Guard approach Rafiki for help with the situation, who tells them that the source is located at Hippo Springs. After Kion asks, Rafiki tells him the way there, though it is long and dangerous.

They follow a stream having been told that the source is in the mountains, but soon the stream disappears underground. Bunga believes that they can reach Hippo Springs using the stones Rafiki gave to them before they left, but Fuli, being the fastest, offers to scout the area out first.

Fuli's Route

Fuli races through Gnu Plain, the old Baobab tree and past a rock that looks like a Rhinoceros to reach Hippo Springs.

Bunga's Route

Bunga and the Guard make their way to the bottom of the mountains when they reach a crossroads, with three stones at each road. Using the stones Rafiki gave to Bunga, he is able to work out the correct path by completing the sequence embedded on the stones.


The Lion Guard arrive at Hippo Springs and discover the problem - a landslide has blocked the water. Kion urges Beshte to move the rocks away to let the water flow through. He does so, and the rest of the Guard are (safely) swept away by the water. They return to Basi, who is grateful for their help. Kion comments that it wasn't easy, but Rafiki also tells them that there was an extra bonus to their adventure - Bunga is no longer uninterested in the water, and cannon balls into the watering hole.

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