And now that he has completed his journey though the Circle of Life, I will remember him fondly.
This page contains information on a scrapped concept.

Hear Me Roar! was a book inspired by The Lion Guard.

It was scheduled for release on 19th January 2016, but has since been canceled.

Author's Description

Kion's roar makes him the fiercest animal in the Pridelands, but can Kion learn to use his gift wisely?

Kion's Roar of the Elders makes him the fiercest animal in the Pride Lands, but with it comes great responsibility. Can he use it to protect his friends without abusing its power? Find out in this adventure-filled storybook![1]


  • Though the book was renamed Can't Wait to be Queen, the image remained as Hear Me Roar! for some time.
    • The book even shared the same ISBN numbers.
  • The logo on the book is an unused earlier logo for the series, made before the Mark of the Guard more closely resembled a lion head.


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