Gumba's Mother

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Gumba and his mother are in a grave danger during the rainstorm since an old tree won't hold both of them much longer, so they jump off ofit and Gumba was going to fall, but he was rescued by Ono and then the little monkey was safe. Gumba's mother was really happy and relieved about Ono's help.

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances

MtotoShaukuKwato, and Kambuni

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Gumba likes hanging out with his friends. He likes to play pretend Lion Guard with them. Seeing how they each take turns being different members except Mtoto who is always Beshte. Gumba thought it was cool how Mtoto went training with the real Lion Guard. He even told Thurston and Beshte where he was when Mtoto was in trouble.


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Thurston thought that Gumba, the little monkey was a trouble maker, since he was a innocent kid. He also didn't believe that it was true, when Gumba said that Mtoto was being chased by Janja's hyenas.


Beshte and Gumba are on good terms. He told Beshte where Mtoto is when Mtoto was being chased by hyenas. 

The Rest of the Guard

Gumba is on good terms with the rest of the members of the Lion Guard.  In "The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar the guard has helped Gumba when his troop was being chased by hyneas. 


JanjaCheezi And Chungu

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While playing pretend Lion Guard with his friends he gets chased by the hyenas. In "The Rise of Scar" when Ma Tembo's Herd went to find a new water source for the Pridelands Janja's clan was chasing Gumba and his troop again. 

Nne and Tano

Nne and Tano have always been chased by Big Baboon's troop.


Kifaru got stuck on Big Baboon Tree since Gumba and his family running away from him.
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