The Grove of Trees is a small area in the Pride Lands.


The grove is a very small gathering of many trees, but as stated by Beshte, no one lives there.


The Rise of Makuu

Beshte suggests using the Grove of Trees for a demonstration of Kion's roar to Makuu. Kion agrees, and sends Ono, Bunga and Fuli over there to check things out.

Tromakuu- (238)

Kion eliminates the leaves

When there, Ono notices a hyrax on a tree as the only animal there. They grow concerned, unsure how to get rid of him in time. Meanwhile, Kion and Beshte approach Makuu, and start to talk. Bunga tells Fuli that he can get the hyrax to move, and attempts to scare him off with his scent again. However, this fails, as Bunga no longer smells. With time of the essence, Fuli tells him to leap down with the hyrax in tow, and Fuli rushes off with the pair, allowing Ono to give the all clear.

Beshte confirms he's good to go, and Kion warns Makuu one more time, before using the Roar of the Elders on the trees to blast away all the leaves. Stunned, Makuu agrees that it's time to move on, and leaves Big Springs.


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